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Concave snowboard - worthless?

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So I work part time at a ski/snowboard shop (this story will factor in later), and have a few snowboards, two which I use regularly. One is a Burton Jeremy Jones, it is a medium stiffness freestyle board I use in the park. The other is a GNU Altered Genetics which is a stiffer freeriding board. I use the Jones for all my local riding (New Jersey/PA), and my park riding at real mountains, unless it is super icy. The GNU is my board for real mountains or icy nights, never hit rails on it, but jumps and pipe I will.

I tune both regularly, although I don't edge tune the Jeremy Jones, and file it down so it doesn't hang up on rails - thus it sucks on ice.

The other day I was stone grinding the Alerted Genetics for the first time (I bought it early last year and just did one belt grind, then waxed it maybe 3 times, rode it like 12 days, then waxed it thick for summer storage). I de-waxed prior to the stone grind. However I ran it through and only the 1" band near each edge got structure.

I called over the ski tech/tuning guru and we pulled out a true bar and realized it is really concave. We see concave boards a lot, but nothing like this. It is about 1/16"+ concave in the middle. We ran it through on course settings a few times, more than we ever would on a customer's board since I was basically trying to grind out the concavity so at least 3" near the edge was structured.

We stopped after we had done maybe 8 passes because we weren't getting anywhere.

It is still really concave in the middle, and it doesn't flatten out with pressure from a wheel moving it over the stone, a wheel moving it over the belt, or hand pressure in the middle moving it over the belt. The consensus was to live with it.

That sucks though because this was my free riding board, it has a lot of riding left in it, except that I can't tune the damn thing! I babied the board all season, didn't put a scratch in it that could be ptexed, but I have all this old wax that needs to go. Plus, the base was really dry when I bought it and it has always needed to be refreshed, but now I can't do it with the concave base.

What is my best option? Is there a way to get the concave out? Can I take some of the base material off another way? We have never seen a board this badly concave before at the shop, yet when I ride it, it feels fine, I just can't tune it.
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Originally Posted by Method9455 View Post
when I ride it, it feels fine, I just can't tune it.
Tune the 3" at the edge and fret ye not.
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I'd suggest:

1.Find the same model board or this years version (preferably 3 or 4 versions) in a store, brand new and check that to see if its the same, it probbaly is NOT.

2.Call Mervin Mfg. and explain the predicament to them, they may well honor the warrantee on it and switch it out for another.

It's probably nothing to worry about and may well just be the final tune at the factory was missed, but two things spring to mind as other root causes, one: the board was pressed too hot causing excessive contraction, or they missed a step in the core shaping and did not recess for the edges.

Neither are devasting mishaps but are cause for return in my opinion.

Oh and be careful over grinding the base, you only have a bout 1.2mm to play with before your done!

Good luck.
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Actually it is not a manufacturing defect. At one point it was flush. We believe it was deformed by my bindings (Ride bindings with the aluminum baseplates, and I really torque them down) - anyway, I don't want to warranty it, with my discount I can just replace it for less hassle. The real problem is I really really love the way the board rides, it is the best board I've ever had. I just need to take some of the base material off in the middle because it isn't holding waxing, and I'm wondering if there is a way to do that by hand?
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The obvious question is whether you expect to shim out or flat file the bottom of the bindings.
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Can you clarify, when you hold the true bar up against the base you see daylight in the center of the base yes ...and no daylight in the inch or so space from the edges inwards... correct?
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Well at one point you could see light most of the way across but we flattened it about an inch and a half on each side with the stone grind, but we can't go much thinner with it without destroying the base on the edge. I'm pretty sure the board is just done though. I'm going to ride it as a park board and beat it up this year and buy a new one next year.
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