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TR Alta 1/8 Soupy air and soupy snow

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well I was hoping for Blue Bird but we got clouds and fog coupled with high humidty and thick snow off trail. Only rocks I hit was jumping off a ledge into a chute that overlooks the rope tow. wish I had pictures off that.

Players for the day
Tromano(no pictures after 2 days with me he was dead tired)

and my buddy Caradog from ski school and some random dude Cory from the east coast (MRG skier)

Sun coming out on sugarloaf lift the bumps under the lift were sweet

I aim for rocks cause i like to jump them

Landing Gear(you can see that actually its a ledge now...)

Cory gets airborne

almost controls it

the aftermath

C-dog tearing up a groomer on Sugar Daddies

CousinJohnnysax like my line so much he decide to give it a try.

the start of the huck

He had the landing but ended up here...
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C-dog takes the easy way out

I am multipling, some crud bump skiing

more to come soon..
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Looks like it was a fun day.

I'm headed to snowbird/alta tomorrow. Hopefully, the new snow will keep us above the thick snow.
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Bushwhacked .... You did a great job editing the photos. Too bad we didn't get you in the cliff jump that you so eloquently showed my snow-drift sinkage photo on ... Thanks!! ;-)

It was a pleasurable day and man did I feel the 15 foot jump nobody saw that I front planted and hit my right knee to my right side of my jaw (ouch!) which I'm still feeling today. Too bad we didn't make it down High Rustler as it was too Rocky at the top and it would have messed up my new AC-4's.

Cory "Random" Dude, you rocked this day, you were right-on in the bumps and showed us a few things. The jump into the wipe out doesn't nearly do your day of skiing any justice. I want to ski with you again on a better day, too bad you have to head back to NH before the storm comes in over the next several days.

C-dog .... that was a Happy Birthday day of skiing with you, and man you deserved the day end liquids we were all taking in.

The roughest part of the day .... getting crystallized earlier in the day with Cory "Random" Dude on Ballroom Traverse when the wind was blowing the snow from Ballroom up to Baldy Chutes in a complete white out when it wasn't even snowing. It's amazing how fast the weather can change on this mountain, and for those of you who never have experienced it, it will shrivel you up is seconds as the view goes from blue to white out!

Great day :
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I just got home. Bush thanks for showing me around Alta-bird for two days.
I have to agree with Cousin Johnny that skiing groomers with 25ft visibility that is some scray stuff.
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