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I can't believe your brother would do something like that to you, Pierre! What was he thinking? You oughtta' smack him. . . .

You're right, Bendski2--if you were trying to save money, you blew it!

I'm glad you got her into a real lesson, and even more glad that it worked out well. I was going to mention that most sane people have at least a little concern about chairlifts before their first ride, but it rarely turns out to be the problem they were expecting. Many times I've seen people get on the lift the first time with their eyes tighly closed, hyperventilating and rigid with fear, only to breathe a complete sigh of relief and even start laughing as soon as they finally open their eyes! It's not so bad! (Usually. For most people.)

Glad it worked out!

Best regards,
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I'm glad things went so well. This is a reminder to you not to try to take things too fast for her.
As for the downside, it is a small price to pay for something you two can share and enjoy doing together. BTW the best buys in equipment and clothing are when the shops have their sales after President's week.

Enjoy skiing toghether!

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