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Dynastar Contact 10

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Hello, I'm new to post here, I usually lurk. I'm about to pull the trigger on the Dynastar Contact 10 with PX12 binding (screaming deal) but have some questions about length as I'm getting conflicting info. I am 5'9", 175 lbs, 60 yrs old and pretty aggressive for my age. I'm a solid Level 8/9 skier. I want a short radius ski that will serve in the bumps and for just making lotsa turns. Most of my skiing is either on powderoy goomers or medium to steep bumps. There isn't a heckuva lot of hardpack in NM. I'm presently skiing a Volkl Vertigo Motion, all mtn with a 17M turn radius. I like them a lot, but want a more turny ski. Any thoughts about size? I'm pretty set in getting these unless I get bad info. The recommendations have run the gamut from 158 to 172, which is just about their total range. Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm part time instructor, so these may get used there as well.

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Not sure if I will be of too much help, but since no one else has responded, here goes:

I ski an older version of this ski i think (skicross) and I cannot imagine someone of your size on a 158. I am a little person (115lbs) and ski a 163 in NM. Also when i bought these i had demoed a women's version of the Volkl Vertigo and found it turnier than this ski. So if you are seeking more turny, I dunno. The biggest difference i found between them was the Dynastar was more energetic, which may make it seem more turny.

Don't know if that helps or not, but was my experience.
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BD, Don't judge all skis by that Volkl. I had a pair of those a while back and although they carved great you pretty much had to force them to make short turns.
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172cm should be the most versatile. 165 if you want it more as a slalom carver.
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