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My turn Pinhead. Ski areas in the western U.S. couldn't operate without the use of snowmobiles. I say that with 18 years of experience to back it up. There is no other machine that can take their place. We have used some 4 wheelers during early season, but if you want the lifts to be serviced, injured guests evacuated, or the day to day operations to go on, you need a cheap, light mode of over the snow travel. Big Sky is sprawled over 4 separate mountains and encompasses 4000+ acres. If I had to rely on lift access to get from one side to another it would take up to a couple of hours. Elimination of snowmobiles would drive up lift ticket prices and could raise liability concerns by increasing first aid response times.
That is not to say that ski area operators will not use the newer generation of 4 cycle motors as they become available.
Personally, I live in what is one of the snowmobile capitals of the western U.S. and hate the damn things, but I have to rely on them too much to say "get rid of them".

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Regardless of the emission levels of snowmobiles, helicopters, cars, or trucks; the damage we generally monitor is based on the location of the air pollution and its predicted direction of travel. There is little evidence that any of the aforementioned vehicles will have a measurable impact on air quality in isolated alpine environments. A snowshoer who stops to make a little yellow snow probably has about as much impact on the ecosystem........(But noise is another issue altogether.) ---My two Cents!!! :

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Part of the reason sentiment is running so high to your responses is that a couple of years ago Vail got attacked & buildings burned down by 'environmentalists.' It was seen as a terrorist act and most people are still a wee bit sensitive about it.

A lot of what you're saying is probably being construed as condoning violence rather than environmental conservatism.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chugach Jon:

Any questions?

JUST ONE: How do you go into the mountains after a low elevation beer and party night?
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Heli-skiing is the best overall skiing experience I've ever had. I ski dozens of days all year around the country and, I tell you what, it doesn't get any better than Heli.
The best Heli areas are often "grounded" due to the very snowfall that makes them the best, so make sure that the Heli operation has cat-skiing or a nearby resort. Unless you like paying a few hundred dollars a day to stay indoors and play tiddlywinks...
In Alaska, I went to one of the best locations, maybe even companies, available in the world: Valdez Heli Camps in the Thompson Pass area of the Chugach.
I say this based not only on my experience, but there were people with us who have Heli'd the Himalayas, Canada, New Zealand, India, etc. who all said the same thing. There was even a handful of hard-core fun seekers who work for a very famous Canadian heli-skiing operation (which I shall only say rhymes with 'squiggly') spending their vacation time in the Alaska Chugach because they said it is the best in the world.
One of the things that made this experience unique, aside from almost 1000 inches of seasonal snowfall and great latitude and altitude, is the fact that the operation had a fleet of cats for the no-fly days.
The experience is unbelievable--I'm putting aside my pennies until I have enough money for the next Heli trip.
I get more than my fair share of deep-pow snorkeling here in the Wasatch, but there's nothing like the gluttony of 5,000-plus vertical feet of bottomless, breathtaking, mind-bending, untracked bliss....Can't wait to go again.
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