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Salomon X-wing 10

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Does anyone have any info, good ro bad, about the x-wings especially the 10 and would it be a good fit for a 38 yr old 6 ft 240 skier who spends 70 to 80 on piste? Im looking for a ski that isnt going to be incredibly demanding and i cant find much on these in the way of reviews........Thanks
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Demoed them for a few runs last year, found them very smooth and easy to ski, so also not very demanding at all. Great ski if you're looking to cruise at moderate speeds, but there are better options if you like to go really fast or rip your turns.
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I have heard that the ski was tested with a wood core, but when it went to production it ended up with a foam core...which means it breaks down fast and performance suffers very quickly. I could be wrong..thats just what I heard. There are many other better options and for less, as I think all the Sal with the integrated bindings are a bit high on price and low on value.
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