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what kinds of discounts are you seeing? i'll be in poughkeepsie tomorrow. if prices are right i might pull the trigger on a new pair. what ski shops are up there?
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If Brett doesn't get back to you, I'd try Ski Haus, they have three shops one In Brewster, one in Poughkeepsie and on in Milford. The owners are real nice people, the staff are great, and the deals are always good. It can't hurt to stop by, I put up a post about all mtn skis and said I was going to buy the Volkl Karma called ski haus and they said they were sold out and if I wanted them they'd call their sales rep and may even be able to get me close out prices because of the time of the season. I love Ski Haus and can't say enough nice things about the shop and people working it.
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nice. looks like they are on route 9 right on my way. i'll stop by there tomorrow and see what they have going on.
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potter brothers in fishkill are great! They have a somewhat smaller selection. They also have another store in poughkeepsie, across from vassar college. (Larger location) Not sure about the selections in the shop but, online they are selling the volkl supersport s5 for $550. I got an email that they are discounting most of their equipment. Ski haus in poughkeepsie is another great shop. Not too sure they are having sales right now. They have a great selection however.

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Just curious did you stop in either store and what did you think?
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i went to ski haus. i was kind of dissapointed. it seemed like their selection was not that great. i was looking for gloves, goggles, and wanted to check out any jacket deals for my friend and see what skis they had. they had the usual fare in gloves (swany, grandoe) and one small rack of jackets. no great deals on skis.

so far the best store i've seen in this area has been pedigree ski in white plains. scandinavian in the city is cool too but super expensive. but they have a great deal on stoklis right now though.
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I am not a regular poster here (though I lurk a lot), and I am in NO way a gear expert... but I have a story about buying new skis without trying them first. Keep in mind as you read this that I live in Grand Forks, North Dakota - one of the flattest spots on the face of the earth.

I skied a LOT as a kid, and consider myself to be an intermediate to expert skier. After moving to ND, I skied very little, and couldn't justify replacing the Kneissel Shorts I bought in 1977 (stop laughing!!) I spent a few years teaching my kids to ski, so my own needs weren't as important.

Finally, a few years ago, I broke down and rented a pair of Atomic C:9 Puls, and LOVED them. I am not equipment-savvy enough to describe what I liked, except that I felt like they sang to me. Turning was effortless, and I ended up staying an extra day because I couldn't bear to give them back. I was hooked.

So I went to my local ski shop, where they only carried Volkl and K2. I explained how much I loved the Atomics I rented, and asked if anything they had was comparable. They assured me that the K2 Flight was just what I needed. Feeling nervous about buying without trying, I took the plunge, and was not happy. They talked to me, but didn't sing. Since I don't ski much each year, I don't expect to buy new skis again for a long time - they had to be perfect. I ended up selling the K2's to a friend, and the local ski shop got me a pair of Atomic Balanze - the new model of the C:9 I had rented and loved. (Bonus - the rental skis were puke green; my new ones are lovely red and white. I would have gladly purchased the ugly skis, because they made me look so good, but pretty is even better!)

If I had never tried the Atomics, I might have thought the K2's were as good as it got, and I never would have known any better. But once I found something I REALLY loved, I wasn't willing to settle for less.

I know I could have just bought new skis on-line, but I prefer to support my local independent businesses whenever I can.
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