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Vail/BeaverCreek/Breckenridge/Keystone Instruction Jan 23, 24 or 25?

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My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to Colorado on these dates and I bought 5 day, ski 3 passes. One is good at Vail/Beaver Creek. Ive been skiing for 3 years now and her since she was very young, we are 22 and 21 respectively. I have never had any actual instruction, aside from her parents and a bunch of reading on these forums<----Which has HELPED TREMENDOUSLY. Anyway, how much can i expect to pay for a little instruction? I basically spent all the money on had on the trip, it was a Christmas present for her and i used a little money that was left over from a student loan.

Furthermore, is there anyone on here, im sure there must be, that would be open those dates? I dont necessarily even want 4 hours or intense private lessons. I really just want to ski, since im from wisconsin and we dont even have any snow this year. But id like to ski with someone who really knows what they are doing and can give me and my girlfriend some pointers to make us better.

Does this sound like something that I could get planned out or is this really not an option?

Thanks for all the input, you guys are great!

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Check out Jonathan Lawson at Breckenridge:

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Nick, glad you're coming out to snow-filled Summit County and vicinity.

If you're looking for other Bears to ski with for fun, I'm sure you can get together with some - especially if you post in the Meet-On-The-Hill forum. Unfortunately I won't be one of them since I'm laid up with an injury, but otherwise I'd love to get in some turns with a fellow Bear. There are all sorts of informal ski meet-ups going on - check the posts there or start your own. Among those might be some instructors who would enjoy free-skiing with other forum members. Note the "free-skiing".

If you're looking for instructor recommendation for a group or private lesson, there are lots of instructors here who work at the resorts you mention or who know and can recommend instructors. I don't want to leave anybody out by mentioning just a few, but in addition to Lisamarie's mention of Jonathan, Jan Degerberg, Billy Nowell, Mike Shimp are among the great instructors who do private lessons at Breck. There are whole bunches more. Bob Barnes who often posts here is training director over at Keystone and he might be able to recommend folks there. Note that for group instruction, you typically cannot request a particular instructor unless you've previously taken a lesson from her or him before.

If you're looking for free ski instruction - please understand that this is a full-time job for many of our instructors here, a part-time job for others who are still committed to the profession, and all spend lots of hard-earned cash to take clinics, keep up with modern equipment, and otherwise prepare to give a guest the best possible lesson. IMHO it's not fair to ask a professional instructor whom you've never met and don't have an existing friendship with, to give free tips and instruction on the hill. In fact it could be considered a violation of the instructor's employment agreement.

Note that is totally different from free-skiing with an existing friend who happens to be an instructor, and maybe getting a few pointers while you're out there having fun. Instructors love to ski - that's why we all do it regardless of our experience, and love sharing that joy with others. But it is a profession, and the people doing it deserve to be paid for their professional expertise.

I'm not sure if that's what you were hinting at, and if I read your post incorrectly, my apologies.

That said - welcome again! Now - as to your question about what instruction might cost: Lessons are reasonably affordable at the areas you mentioned, there are multi-day deals with one-full-day and 2 half-day packages for example. Group lessons at Breck are (double check at the desk, it varies by date) around $90 for a full day lesson or $165 for a 3-day option pack with the one full and two half days taken anytime during your vacation.

If you're at similar levels, booking a private lesson may actually get you where you want to be faster. Although the rates are higher, they are per-lesson, not per-person, so the two of you could share a half-day private. The website shows the current price for that at $390. This could be the kind of focused attention you both want. Although it's possible to book a one-hour private, I'd suggest that isn't enough time to really make progress with two people compared to what you could do in a longer session.

But just one or two group lessons at the appropriate level, somewhere during those 5 days, could be just the ticket for tuning up your skills. At the intermediate and upper levels, groups are usually rather small.

Vail and Keystone would have similar deals but I don't know the prices for sure; I would expect Vail to be a few bucks higher.

Thanks for coming out here, and again apologies if I misread your request.

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Well said, MarkXS (and get well, dang it!).

nilaszewski, if you'd like to get an instructor at Keystone, Jim Curtis is a good friend, and a skilled instructor. Not a hard-charger, though, so it depends on what you seek. If you'd like to hook up with him, you can just call Keystone's ski school (his wife will probably answer the phone!) or PM me.

I'll be at the ESA during those dates, or I'd find time to join you for a day.

If you do take a lesson and you feel that you got a lot of value from it, do consider a tip. The instructors that work hard and really help you deserve a bit extra.
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I have no problem paying for a private lesson. A half-day would be perfect I think. Like I said, with no actual instruction ever, i often wonder what i may be doing wrong.

I'm thinking Breck on Jan 23rd would be the day, that would be the first actual day of skiing for us.

I figured that i would rather pay someone on here for a lesson, and not some random stranger. I think my girlfriend and I are both at similar levels, I'm just a bit more daring. If i push her, she can basically follow me anywhere I go, and it may not be pretty sometimes, but we make it. I'm not into the park stuff, i like tree skiing the most. Id also love to try and improve some type of bump skiing(not good at all there).

A private lesson would be what id be after and for both of us. I just want instruction on technique mostly. The big thing for me is what to do with my arms and poles. I feel like i dont even need them, and skiing with them, i think i look goofy.
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Hmmm... I'd suggest skiing for your first day, and doing the lesson in the morning of your second. That way, you get a little of your ski legs back, get out on the hill a bit, and can stop when you want, then be ready for learning the next day. But, that's me...
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something to keep in mind, and I'm not sure how much it's going to affect who's available, but PSIA clinics are occurring at Breck on the 23rd and 24th.
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hmmm...so it would have to be the last day then? Do those go all day? Is there anyone on here who instructs at Breck with some info?
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nilaszewski, no, it's just that some instructors will not be available as a result. Others of us will be at the ESA at that time, too (that's where I'll be).
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demand a level III (full) cert instructor
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