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Thanks to all you snowboarders!

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Well, I figured this thread gets alot of crap from all the skiers so i decided to start one that thanks snowboarding for what it is....Insperation. I was a snowboarder untill a couple of years ago when i tried skiing and thanks to snowboarding skiing has evolved into a pretty cool freestyle sport as skiis get fatter and more turned up on the ends like snowboards i get happier and happier. Oh and for those of you who are reading this give skiing a shot its more fun then you think and one last thing for those of you who hear somone say they ski dont laugh there are hardcore freeriders that ski to i am sick of skiing getting a bad rep. i tell people i ski and they think of pizza skiers WE DONT ALL SKI LIKE THAT
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I'm with you on this.
I don't snowboard and have no interest in trying it, but I'm confident that my nephew would have lost interest in snow sports years ago had he not gotten a snowboard.
I Love spending time with him on the slopes, and would have missed out on a lot of his "growing - up" if it were not for snowboarding.
On the other hand, he and his buddies would have missed a few slopeside meals had I not been an avid skier.

BTW, teen age boys follow the food
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Hahaha, funny thread. I don't ski and really don't have an interest in trying. The only "skiing" I do is on short downhills in split mode when touring.

Meh, it's all the same to me. All the tele dudes, alpiners I ride with seem to be having the same fun that I am. That is what counts. Having a good time.
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That's right, it's all the same. Just a bunch of people riding snow and loving the mountains. The sports are tied to each other. Snowboarding got huge because skiing got lazy and boring. We didn't push technology and somebody else did. Skiing got a much needed shot in the arm and borrowed technology from snowboards.

To that I say thank you. To anyone who rides the snow I say that you are welcome on the mountain anytime.
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My beloved Brighton probably would have closed if not for snowboarders.

Yay, Snowboarders!

Long may your green mohawks wave in the breeze. (I kid you because I love you, snowboarders.)
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