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Questions for First Time in Vail

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My father, sister and I are booked to go to Vail next month for 6 nights and I have some questions about the trip - - - any advice would be much appreciated!

1) What's the best shuttle service to get to Vail from Denver Airport? If we can rent an SUV for $400 tax-in, should we bother with a shuttle service?

2) We're about to finalize accomadation and I've narrowed it down to a condo in Sandstone or West Vail. Is there a major plus (or minus) at staying at one of them? Or should we just go for the better deal?

3) I am planning on taking a lesson at Vail - likely a group lesson, since a private one costs way too much. I am intermediate/aspiring advanced. I am an east coast skiier, and don't enjoy (ie: don't do) moguls/glades/deep powder and am hoping to improve my carving techniques on this trip. Do you know if you can specify what type of skiing the teacher will lead in the group?

Thanks for any help!!!
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Someone local can answer the questions.

My best time there was when we got to Lion's Head about 9:20 AM. An Ambassador came up to our group of five and said, " would you like to go on a mountain tour ? we get to cut lines and it last two hours ". We skier with him until 2:15 PM that day. Oh yea, they got 26" of snow that day too.
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Hi Chass;
My wife and I stayed at Vail last year for a week. We'd been there many times before as day-skiers, but decided to spend the bucks and go for a week. GREAT TIME!! We're booked back this year in mid-Feb. before the big holiday. I'm by no means a Vail expert, but here's my take from what I've learned.

We stay at the Golf Course, which is on the opposite end from where you will be, but a similar situation...can't walk to lifts. This is not a problem as the transportation system is very well run. The busses are on time and it's a short ride to the lifts, (5 min for us to Golden Peak). We wear our street boots to the village, carying our ski boots in a backpack, and rent a basket for the day for our shoes and packs. At the end of the day, we change back into the shoes and walk around the village, stretching sore muscles, and get something to eat. It's much better than slipping and sliding in ski boots!

Our travel agent, (lives in Summit Co.), told us we would not need a car and he was right. It's pay parking in the lots during the day and besides, the bus will get you closer to the lifts than you can by parking. The only time a car would be handy is if you have a condo and you need to go grocery shopping. The bus will get you there with no trouble, but it's more involved than the one to the lifts, (you may have to transfer, depending on where you stay...maybe not if you're in the right spot). As for Denver to Vail, we use Colorado Mountain Express....great! They do the driving. With three people, you may be close to the cost of the rental of a car, but be warned...really look at the TOTAL cost of that SUV! They really know how to pile on the fees and taxes in Colorado on rental cars!!! We've rented many, many times going to Breck, and I'm always shocked at the costs when we return the thing! As for getting to Beaver Creek for a day, (worth it), you simply take the bus to the Transportation Center and take the I-70 express to BC. It's ~$10 and takes yuo directly up to the base.

Sorry for the novel, hope all this helps!
You're gonna have a great time! Last year's trip was one of the best we've ever had, and we've been out west a lot. Vail is expensive and maybe a bit too "homoginized" for some, but for a great week in a resort, they have their act together! Enjoy!!
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1. If you can rent a SUV for $400 , do it ! CME (CO Mountain Express) charges about $65.00 per person each way. Once in Vail use the free bus system to and from the slopes.

2.Fallridge Condos by the Vail Golf Course are great. My next choce would be Sandstone then West Vail. The bus system is free and very reliable.

3. I teach in Vail part time. Sign up for a Class Lesson or 1/2 day workshop. Discuss you goals with the instructor and they will try to accommodate your needs. Alot depends on the other students interests.

One word of advice. Learn the bus system and schedule. Ride the in-town bus to the base area Golden Peak. This area has the shortest walk(in ski boots?) from the bus stop to the slopes. It also has chair#6, a high-speed quad which will take you up to chair #11. Chair #11 will take you to the top.

Feel free to e-mail me for more info.

Have a great trip !
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