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RX8 with bindings arrived, I have a question..

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My new Fischer RX8 skis were delivered today. I have a question related to bindings. The bindings box came opened on one end. I don't see anything loose inside as the bindings are wedged in cardboard. Just worried if these bindings come with any hardware (bolts,screws...) that may have been lost. It's a fX12 railflex 2 if I am not mistaken. Anybody with knowledge and experience on this, please chime in.
Otherwise I am excited. I baught them thanks to your reviews here and can't wait to get home to see them. I had my wife email me some pictures, as I am on the road for my regular week tour that is to end on thursday. She thought I was sick since I needed a picture and couldn't wait til I get home.
Feb 3, we are heading to Breckenridge and i can't wait. Second question I had was related to bindings mount. I plan on dropping them of at A Racersedge for that and new ski tune. They are not an authorized Fischer dealer. Is that ok or I should seek out a shop that is for initial bindings install.
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As far I know, others feel free to correct here.. There are 4 things in each binding assembly..
One toe piece..
One heel piece..
One plate on which both pieces of the bindings sit on..
One Threaded philips Screw.

And thats about it..
If you know you DIN setting you can mount these puppies no problem yourself.. Its about as easy as it gets..
Good luck with the skis..

Anybody who carries Head skis can aslo install it for you as Head and Fischer share the ame Tyrolia railflex system..
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Congrats on the new skis. I bought a pair a month ago, and love them. Make sure you experiment with the binding position. There is just one philips screw to loosen, and you can slide the binding forward and aft 1.5 cm. It makes a huge difference on the way the skis feel. When I first skied them with the bindings centered, the tails felt loose, and I was constantly getting kicked to the back seat. After a lot of trail and error, I ended up at 1 cm forward, and the skis now feel glued to the snow, and balance is not an issue anymore.

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Thanks to both of you for responding. I am excited. I finaly had a chance to open the package as they arrived the day before I did. And it is correct on the part count in the binding box. No loose stuff. I have now more questions for both of you and it is tuning related. I know I should probably post this in the tuning section, which I probably will, but I thought while we are at it to ask a few more questions. Thanks again for having the patience to read this and respond. Just as I thought I knew few things about skiing, I discovered Epicski and realized how much more I have to go.
Ok, called Fischer USA asked about tuning specs edge bevels etc. The answer I got was ski them straight out of the box.
1. Even though bindings install looks easy, I will have a shop install it, set
din and test release. I wanted to take them to Racersedge in Breck as
they tuned my skis before ( i like their work), however they are not a
Fischer/Head/Tyrolia authorized shop. Don't know if I should look for a
shop that is and have them do it. Breck has a few.
2. Edge bevel settings are 1/3. I have no intention of sharpening them or
changing anything initialy. Is that ok or should I have them sharpened
and left at 1/3.
3. Here is what I intend to do with a base. I have no tools to check if it is
flat, I will assume it is. CH 8 hot scrape at 120C a couple of times,
followed with Base Prep 3-4 times with allowing 30 min cooling in
between. After that the wax of choice for the first day on snow.

If anybody needs to correct me on this, please feel free. I will post this in tuning section as well. I hope I am not braking any forum rules by posting there a portion of this post.
Thanks for all replies in advance.
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1. Any decent shop will be able to install and release check these bindings.

2. Ski them "as is" out of the box. You'll be fine.

3. Have the shop hot wax them while doing the binding prep and you'll be good to go.

Enjoy the skis. They're a fantastic ride.
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