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New, need some advice...

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First a little intro. I'm currently skiing on Dynastar Driver X-06's that I think I've outskied. I'm a ski patroller (1st year), and wanted some nicer skis. I found a deal on some Volkl P50's on eBay ($22 for P50 SC Racing). The seller said one ski had a broken edge at the tail. I bought them. They sent me a pic, and the edges are fine. The ski seemed to delam (correct term?) for a little bit on a corner of the tail. It is going to be like Christmas here again, with my new Skiboards (Dynastar Twins, eBay special for $50) and my P50's coming in the mail from eBay. Here's a pic of what happened-

Anyway, they've been drilled once. I really don't know what binding to get. I'm looking for as cheap as possible. Maybe I'll get into racing at my local ski area next year. (not old enough for adult league, but they have a youth team) A friend who races has Marker M9.1's. I think he has Volkl Vertigo G30's. My on the hill instructor for ski patrol has Marker M8.1 on some Head skis in which I can't remember the model. I called up my local ski shop, and asked them for prices on bindings. They have M5.1's on consignment for $50, but I fear that if I were to go with that, when I have more money, I'll be tempted to get better bindings, and get my skis drilled again. I was told $120 for some Marker 1100CC's. $22 for mounting if I buy from them, $44 if I don't buy from them. I think he quoted me like $80 or something for some Marker 900's. I don't know what to do. I'm looking at cheaper bindings on eBay, new and used. My local ski shop will mount Marker, Salomon, and some Fischer. I found some Salomon 900S bindings on eBay for pretty cheap. How are they? Anyone have some suggestions on some inexpensive bindings? And also, if I went with piston bindings, would those work with P50's?

Thanks for taking the time to read this long thing.
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First, welcome to EpicSki. Dude, you are a patroller and prospective racer, and you are skiing on garage sale specials! The bears will give away better stuff than this in the free gear swap. Really, we're a pretty nice bunch. How about sharing a little more about yourself, where you ski and what you want to do with your skiing, some height/weight info and lets see if we can hook you up a little better. Since you are looking at Ebay for deals, I'll also do you a disservice and suggest you look at the constantly changing deals at www.steepandcheap.com. The offer lots of good binding deals on brand new stuff if you keep an eye out.
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Better stuff than the P50's or Drivers? I ski at Powder Ridge, MN. P50's are some of the nicest, most expensive skis I see there. I've never skied on a non groomed surface. I've been skiing for 3 years now. I also dirtbike a lot. I'm satisfied with what I bought; I just need bindings. I'll ski on them for a few years, then throw them on eBay or bring them to a ski swap and get way less than what I paid for them. Someone I saw on racetigers with piston bindings last night got their skis for $175 at a ski swap. IMO, that's not too bad of a deal; I think they go for more than that on eBay. I think I'm around 5'9", maybe more, about about 150lbs, if that helps.

Thanks for the link!

I'm just looking for some cheap bindings and to get them as soon as possible, to stop skiing on the Drivers.
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Actually, I'm OK with P50s and drivers, but the delamination has me a bit concerned. P50 is a great ice ski and if you can find it at the right price, so is the Volkl 6-Star. You might be able to pack some slow-dry epoxy or JB-weld in there and clamp the delam. Those skis won't like getting the core damp. Anyway, for binders, that is a flat ski, and they like Marker Pistons (just not the ones mounted on tracks). For that matter, I'm more partial to Look and Rossi Axial binders. Lots of folks here have found good Salomon binders mounted on skis on Ebay and tossed the skis. I think you will come across something. Meanwhile, keep an eye on that link, and you might get what you want new.

Paging Volantaddict (he does a lot better at this economy equipment game than I do).
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