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volkl ac3 or twin tips

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I am new in this forum and I'm looking to buy some new skis and boots but that a different story(tipple e wide feet). I want to retire my 170 rossi rebels. I'm 5'11 and 150lbs I don't know what my ability is but I am just learning how to really carve. I was looking at the volkl ac3.I was lucky and demoed a 170 ac3 at caberfae ski resort in central Mich. I liked the ski but it felt long. When I would go to carve short turns it felt like the skis were rocketing out from under me. I want an all-mountain ski so when I go to Vermont or out west in the powder. I was also interested in some twin tips that also can be an all-mountain ski for the occasional jump. I want a ski that can be used in powder, groomers, crud, jumps, all right in Moguls and able to do short zipper turns. Any suggestions are helpful.

Thanks a very naked skier
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Welcome. In additon, may I suggest some clothes.

For your weight, the AC3 @ 170 may be too much ski. I weigh 50lbs more and ski the AC3 @ 170 (05 model). I love the ski, however I understand that the 06 model is stiffer, which from your description may be an issue.

An alternative to the AC3 and probably more forgiving would be the K2 Apache Recon. Any real need for a twin tip? Do you often ski switch?
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Having tiwins would be ideal for jumps and riding switch.
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Originally Posted by Anakedman View Post
Having tiwins would be ideal for jumps and riding switch.
These may be a little wider then what you are looking for but I would check out the Volkl Karma or K2 Public Enemy - both great all mtn. twins.
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How will the karma and pe work compared to the ac3 on groomers, tight turns on groomers, really fast long turns, and what size should i get . Thanks and keep the responses coming.
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Originally Posted by Anakedman View Post
How will the karma and pe work compared to the ac3 on groomers, tight turns on groomers, really fast long turns, and what size should i get . Thanks and keep the responses coming.
Well...they won't rail like the ac3's will, but they will both hold an edge well for a twin and I would say in general people prefer these two skis when it comes to all mtn. twin tips (not including powder boards).

I haven't skied the Karma but I have skied the 05/06 PE in a 174 and it holds an edge well and has a surprisingly amt of rebound and a tight turn radius. The right size for you would depend on personal preference and how strong of a skier you are. I'm assuming if you're looking at the AC3 your pretty experienced/skilled - what's the split you ski between park and all mtn? if it's 90% all mtn, 10% park my opinion (not necessarily correct) would be that you should go longer - 174 PE or 177 Karma (I've read the karma skis short for its size while the K2 skis a little long). If it's the other way around at 10% park, 90% all mtn. I'd probably go 169PE, 169Karma. I think anything under that size for you would be too short and lose that stability you're looking for.

Just a side note - I'm a little over 6' between 180/185lbs, and I have a pair of 170 stockli snakes I bought at the end of last year (Look P12 binders). I got to ski them for the first time two weeks ago and they are FANTASTIC. They RAIL, they are light (lighter than my brother's 174 PE's), stiff, and are a twin. They far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more impressed with Stockli. I could have gone with a 180 but I wanted them shorter for park/bumps/smaller mid-atlantic resorts and I have NO regrets. In fact, I think for most resorts in the east I would now prefer to ski them over my 178 nordica top fuels because they are just that much fun. They are expensive and stockli doesn't make them anymore (they only ran for 04-06 because the snake skin top sheet was too expensive to produce I heard) but they definitely fit what you are looking for - FYI someone is actually selling a pair over on TGR HERE with bindings for what seems to be a great price. If you are unfamiliar with Stockli just do a few searches, they are a top notch manufacturer. You can find a review of the snake on the web HERE. Good luck with your choice.
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All I would want a twin tips for is going to the park to mess around on an occasional jump and maybe ridding switch every now then. But mainly I want a new ski that I can do fast tight radius turns, moguls etc.....So It will be 95% all-mountain 5% park. All of these skis confuse me. One day I have my mind on the ac2 the other it will be on ac3 then the next it will be on twin tips like the karma.
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Most twin tips regardless if they are for park or all mtn will ususally have a higher turn radius and less shape. Both the PE and the Karma are great skis.. well at least i thought my PEs were untill i got karmas... for me The Karmas RAIL... but requre a lot of input to move quickly from edge to edge . I wouldnt call either one of these skis quick fallline turners if you are not a super agressive skier, but are intersted in a twin tip and a little extra width i think that a The Foil in a shorter length 166 or 174 may work for you ,they have more shape and a smaller turn radius than most twins out there and are stable enough at ,your weight , for everything except the highest speeds
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Those foils sound sweet, but the whole thing about those skis preforming below par at high speed kinda nerve racking. I also read in a review that the ski would wear out fast and lose its flex because it doesnt have a wood core. Are the speed and deterioration of the skis that big of deal? I don't really want to be hitting any rails or half pipes or anything.
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Did I mention that I'm picky. I just want the best bang for my buck.
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if you want the best bang for your buck, id say go with the PE's, you can get those reletivly cheap, even new. I am a huge Karma fan but those are quite expensive even though i think they are better than the PE. (overall)
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PE is the best value....the Karma is the best ski..IMHO.

Karma more stable but requires a more agressive skier
PE very capable but more forgiving for a skier that is agressive but may get a little lazy on ocasion. The PE won't spank bad....if you are not on top of it.

Just my opinion.

To make it more complicated look into the Nordica Supercharger Ignition. I think it is between the PE and the Karma in performance and I have seen some of last years on sale fairly cheap.
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I had the opportunity to demo a pair of AC3's this weekend (as well as AC4). It was a great ski and handled great for the conditions on the east coast. The AC4 was a little to wide for this area. (mid atlantic). I spoke with a my brother in Vermont and his feedback was that for the east coast the AC3 would be a much better ski for crud and east coast hardpack. I ski a Fischer RX8 now and the AC3 was a little wider underfoot which made it handle a little better the chunks and crud.

Good Luck.
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Just my humble opinion....if you're skiing mostly midwest (caberfae) and out east, I wouldn't make the Karma your only ski. With a 22.3m radius at 177, it doesn't rip short turns on hardpack. It's an awesome ski for the conditions it's designed for - park, slush, crud, and some pow. It's OK on hardpack but gets seriously sketchy on anything even resembling ice. It can and will do short turns, but not happily. The AC3 should be a more versatile ski for all around and everyday.

Better yet - start a quiver! Get the Karma and a carver (the Allstar, Rossi Z9 or Z5.....the choices are endless!).
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