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Figures...just before a trip --Major problem

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I was just getting ready to wax up my 9.22's for a trip starting Thurs, when I notice my edge is split right in between one of my bindings. Now normally i wouldn't worry and just return the skis since they are less than a year old, but not 1.5 days from when i'm supposed to leave.

Anyone else had this happen with Atomic? Any concerns on skiing this trip and then returning? It's very weird since there is no real edge damage at the spot and no sidewall damage like if a rock would have split the edge. Actually looks like the weld just didn't hol (if there is a weld spot on the edge. Anyone?!?
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sorry-bad situation,

I would not ski on the ski as it may not be safe. If you can, rent/demo some quality skis = $. Is the edge actually split (the metal) or is the edge seperating from the base?
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Go to or call the dealer asap, just to start the return process. Tell them that you are going on a trip and you'll deal with the situation more once you get back home. If possible, find out if you can replace the ski with store stock, and they can get a credit form Atomic, or have the ski replaced to their wall. You can still ski on the ski, but use the broken edge on the outside if on hard snow.
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Beta thanks. I know Atomic is typically very good. I'm going to try and call my local shop (i used to run one of their stores elsewhere) and see if i can get the store account # to call atromic myself. I've been able to get a replacement sent to a customer of mine at the mountain, just wondering if they'll do it again. I hadn't thought about just switching the ski to put the edge on the outside. Thanks again.

Biker, yes, it's a ful split with no seperation from base or sidewall at all. Alomst looks like the cracked edges that K2 and Dynastar used to use on a few skis. Making the call first thing tomorrow and will let ya know the results...
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DaMtnRider - I read in your other thread you have the 10ex's just ski on those. I disagree with SCSA on the other thread asking about conditions in Summit and say go with the fat boys for your trip instead of the 9.22. I skied at Copper on Mon. and the mountain is shaping up nicely and I have been riding my fats (4x4 bigs) all season and they have be great, especialy skiing Copper Bowl this last Sat. when they opened mountain chief for the first time. Go with the fats for you trip and worry about your other skis when you get back home.
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