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Hows it looking @ Snowbasin & Powder Mountain?

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I'm all fired up because I just finalized my plans and was just wondering if any of you have been to Snowbasin or Powder Mountain lately and if so how are conditions? I just read online that they are expecting some snow to start falling in about a day or so and last until sometime on friday. Weather reports and conditions reports on Snowbasins and Powder Mountains websites are all well and good, but nothing beats hearing about it from someone who has actually skied it. Thanks everyone!
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Snowbasin: Not so good... Overall coverage is minimal (at best) and quite a bit of the mountain isn't skiable including much of the terrain accessed by the John Paul lift. Although the groomed runs are in decent shape especially early in the morning and a storm is forecast for later this week--> We need it!!!
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I was at both a week ago. Certainly skiable, but terrain was somewhat limited due to low snow base. If you have rock skis, you might want to bring them as you'll feel better about venturing off piste and on to black runs, both of which had rocks. Unfortunately I brought my nice new skis and was crying a bit at some of the stuff I came across. Another 2 feet would really help cover all that stuff up. Had the same problems at Snowbird tho.
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Thanks for the replies you guys. I'm a little bummed to hear your descriptions of the conditions there as this will be my first trip to Utah, but I'm staying positive. I won't be there until Feb. 7th which is plenty of time for the storms to come rolling in and the snow to pile up!
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Weather reports are saying a cold front with snow should be hitting Thursday the 11Th into Fri. Cold Temps could help the Lake effect snow.
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Taking Avy I class at Snowbasin this Saturday.... supposed to be a high of 5. Wear plenty of layers.
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OK, I've heard they just got a pretty good dump yesteday and a little more today (its friday the 12th). So now how's it looking?
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10 inches on Thur 1/11.
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The new snow was good until the wind came and blew it all to the other side of the mountain.
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Snowbasin: I skied yesterday... The mountain is in marginally better condition with the new snow but still has minimal coverage on most of the off-piste terrain. Wish I could report better conditions although the 10 inches of new was certainly fun to ski even with sub-zero windchills and hitting an occasional rock/stump/unknown object below the snow surface
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I skied Alta, Solitude , and Snowbird Jan 7,8,9.Alta and Solitude had pretty good conditions. Thefront face of the bird and most areas except Mineral Basin where a little sketchy. I have heard that they where in better shape than Snowbasin and Powder. They just need a little more time. I imagine that you are staying near those areas which kind of rules out hitting LCC and BCC unless you want to drive a few hours.
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