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Dawgcatching's 2007 clearance sale/Pray for Snow

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I am deeply discounting my remaining 2007 stock. As many are in the ski industry, I am being hurt by the lack of snow east of the Mississippi. I ordered alot of skis to service EpicSki Bears this year (in past years, it was mainly special order) and most of the skis are still hanging around the shop, due to lack of snow that many of you are facing. I love working with Bears and providing help whenever I can on this site, as many of the members are truly wonderful to work with. Unfortunately, product needs to be moved now, otherwise the owner won't let me order skis for Epic next season. SSH has been kind enough to allow me to post a link in this forum. Please call me at 541-593-2453 or PM me though the forum if you would like assistance in choosing a ski. I hope I can help.

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Sorry to hear that you are affected so early on this. Just as the eastern ski season gets wound up. Feel free to post up pictures and keep us up to date on inventory changes. You have always been a great supporter and supplier for the bears.
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dawg is the manager of a small shop in Oregon, and as most Bears know, contributes a great deal to EpicSki (as do a couple of other shop owners who take the time to participate here, as well, so not taking anything away from them!). I am sorry to hear that the weather is impacting him as much as it is, and hope that those of you considering new gear will check out his thread. His expertise will certainly be helpful in selecting just the right gear, too!

Thanks, dawg.
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Damn Dog your killing me here with those deals. If I had The cash I would be all over those last season Head 88s But my Bank Balance and overextended ccs are screaming no!
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snow at bachelor

maybe you could post the snow reports for oregon, and wa and bc as well. get those ice-coasters to visit you.
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Out to beat Phil

Just purchased Supershapes and iM82's from Dawgcatching 10 minutes ago (re my gear reviews). Easy to deal with, knows his stuff and the skis he sells. Now to invent a new math that'll justify this to my bank.
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I don't really need any new/more skis, but are you blowing out bindings, as well?

If so, I see you carry the Tyrolia's, but what else?


I thought Oregon had enough snow to spare or has all the 200+" bases they were boasting over Thanksgiving and X-mas melted away?
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Another happy customer here! Bought Magfire 10 from dawg on Sunday and they already arrived today - right on time for weekend skiing!
Very nice experience with ordering and service after the sale. In our age of online catalogs we usually deal with web sites or phone operators - so talking to someone with real product knowledge felt good.
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Just received my order from Dawg. Dynastar 8000 (178) with Look PX12 lifter bindings. Everything perfect. Really good price. No dealing with auction unknowns or gear of questionable vintage.

Keep up the good work, Dawg!
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PM sent
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PM sent
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Hey, it looks as if the "Pray for Snow" sale really worked! A buddy of mine who skis Smugs told me this might go down as one of the top 10 storms of all time! I am jealous-I have never skied 3 feet of 10 degree snow!
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