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TR: Snowbird (01/06) and PCMR (01/07)

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Okay, this is more of a pointer to an entry on my blog: trip report

Additionally, I have pix posted on my Flickr account: pics

Basic synopsis: Utah needs more snow, especially in the Cottonwood Canyon resorts, where the rocks are bigger and the slopes more rugged. PCMR is doing okay, but could use some natural to add to their manmade base.

Saturday at Snowbird was windy and cold, but fun.

Sunday at PCMR was a bluebird day and also fun.

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I just looked at your photos - nice. Especially the bumps on glory hole.

The place looks pretty empty, though. Guess this is a slow week usually.
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Actually, there were quite a few people at the resort, but most were sticking to the high-speed lifts (e.g. Silverlode, Bonanza, Payday, McConkey's), rather than the slower lifts that I like. Motherlode and Thaynes had nobody queued up, and the trails were mostly empty. Same for King Con, where there was some superb cruising.

But the lines on most of the high speed lifts were a bit more burly, though no longer than a minute in wait time. I've seen worse at PCMR, and saw worse at Snowbird. At the Bird, the issue was that the upper mountain and Mineral Basin were shut down, so folks were forced to stick to the lifts that were lower down on the front side. The queues at Gadzoom were 6 to 8 minutes long after the ridgeline was shut down, and queues on other lifts were 3-4 minutes on average.
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