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Summit County 13-15

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howdy Colo crew!

due to a slight snafu, I'll be finding myself in Denver this coming weekend and in need of some skiing (was supposed to be headed to Telluride, but my buddy got his dates crossed).

I've ridden Copper (but it's been about 10 years), Breck, KStone, BC, and Vail. Never been to Loveland or A-Basin.

Anybody gonna be around?

I'm pretty solid on my sticks, just a little over cautious on the steeps and gnar, but I'll pick my way down anything.

Also trying to determine what to lug out with me for the trip:
180 No Ka Oi (78mm)
177 Karma (87mm)
177 Mantra (94mm)

but I'm also jonesing to demo some Scratch BC/Sick Birds, if anybody knows of a shop that has those available I'm all ears!

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Your timing is good as we should be getting some more snow (yet again) this weekend for the summit. However, with the snow this weekend will come some real artic cold dropping down…make sure you bring the cold gear.

I’m back on an East Coast up and down business swing and unfortunately will not return until Monday15th. If you are still around I plan to take the 16th and 17th off for some skiing and would love the company (thinking A-Basin, Loveland or Copper (classic spots...see the TR's).

A number of bears just finished a hook up this past Sunday and Monday. Sure some will be giving you a ping for this weekend. Have a good trip and ski.

I'd bring the Mantra's. Not sure about the Scratch or Sicks insofar as a local shop availability. Someone should comment positive for you I hope.
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I'll definitely be around. Don't know which days I can ski yet, but will post when I know for sure later this week.
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I can go up any of those days, assuming there's not enough snow to trap me in my neighborhood. Any of the 5-mtn vail resorts or Copper. Bundle up, dookey, it's going to be frigid!
As for Sickbird rentals, you might try calling Alpenglow. I'm pretty sure I saw they had them for sale, and they might be in their small demo fleet. It's worth a call. 303-277-0133.
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frigid...hmmm. will pack everything i've got then, but still searching for that uber warm pair of socks!
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With a high of 12F, Saturday at Vail looks to be the warmest. Lots of snow in the forecast too: Thursday: 4-6", Friday: 6-10", Saturday: 3-4". I'm leaning towards that.
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Originally Posted by faisasy View Post
With a high of 12F.....
Downright TOASTY!!
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Originally Posted by dawnhill View Post
Downright TOASTY!!
Agree, especially wind. Like a Big Island beach visit with sand between the toes.

Sounds like faisasy has it right...the cover and the comming snow in Vail would be excellent.

Will miss the ski with you folks as I will be on a plane returning on MLKJr. day. At minimum, see you at LGC 2.5 (A-Basin).

Good skiing
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Still not sure where we're headed. But I should be riding S/S/M
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Copper on Sunday 14

I will be at Copper on SUnday the 14th and WP on Monday the 15th. If want to go to either one.
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Loveland sport shop has some sick birds mounted telle, but none alpine.
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Yeah. I found some Scratch BC's at Carvers in Breck.

Still have to figure out where I'm going to ride.

If I hit Loveland, I may try and see what all the hype about the Icelantics.
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any ideas on cheap lodging in Summit for this weekend?

I know, I know, it's crazy last minute, but such is the way things have panned out.

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dawnhill and I will be at Vail on Saturday. PM either of us by Friday early evening if you'll be there and we can make some turns.
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sounds good.

not terribly sure what my steez is.

my buddy in Denver did a foolish thing (in my opinion) and sold his 4X4 for a convertable. Natch with the impending storm all the SUVs/4X4's were rented at the airport. We may opt for the Ski Train one day if the weather is too hectic. Right now, i'm on a "play it by ear" status.
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Hey Faisal, I'm gonna pass on tomorrow. Just a lot of stuff still to do here. I'll definitely be up with you guys one day next weekend.
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dookey, don't know if you were at Vail today, but if you weren't, you missed an epic day!
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naw, went to Copper.

i'm staying with an old high school buddy who is not much of a skier in terms of being hardcore. he's decent and actually beats me down the hill, but he's not all gung-ho about being on the hill at first chair and skiing on through last chair. as such i tailored my trip to be mellow and just roll with it. we tripped from Denver to Copper on Sat and rode 1/2 day. it was hardpack conditions, for the most part, very simiilar to what we have in Tahoe. Sorta bummed that I brought the Mantras instead of my No Ka Ois, but had fun regardless.

we snagged a hotel in Frisco and then proceeded to embark on the "first annual Frisco pub crawl." ended up at some "reggae" bar partying with a quartet of attractive young women until well after closing time. woke up to about 1-2inches of fresh, but my buddy was not gonna make it out. so we took a leisurly drive back to Denver and recuperated.

i'll most likely hit the Ski Train to Winter Park on Monday.

still trying to figure out if i'm staying on to hit Telluride for 4 days.

i'll be back in Colo at least 2 more times this season, though, so looking forward to lapping some runs with some of you folks soonish.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
it was hardpack conditions, for the most part, very simiilar to what we have in Tahoe.
Bummer -- we could have shown you some "non-hardpack" conditions like this:

Maybe next time you're out.
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well, now after learning that the Ski Train doesn't run on Monday (wtf?) i'm looking for somewhere to ride on Monday.
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You don't have your own transportation? Maybe you could hit Eldora then? I think you can take public transportation all the way there. Maybe PM icanseeformilesandmiles (current Eldora) or Rusty Guy (ex-Eldora) for info?
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Or PM dawnhill -- I think she was maybe thinking of going up again tomorrow.
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i actually have a i'm somewhat mobile as long as the roads are clear (again, this was a last minute trip...was supposed to be going to telluride but my buddy got the dates mixed up!) so all we could get was a front wheel drive Impala!

what is Eldora like?

was also thinking of just hitting Loveland for a few hours in the morning.
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For road conditions, use this:

You can check text reports of road conditions or check out actual real-time cameras along I-70.
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