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Rossignol anniversary skis

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During my stay in val d'isère last week, I had the opportunity to see these 'in the flesh'. (Can't find a better picture, of both skis).
Two vintage lookalike skis : An Olympique 41 and a Strato from the mid 60's, equipped with Axial bindings. The Olympique comes with a genuine reproduction of the original 1941 ski.
I'm not sure I'm willing to pay 990E for those limited edition collectors item (actualy B2s with a different top sheet), but they did look really nice, especially the Strato IMO.
Rossi US website has more datas about the modern Olympique.
Edit :
here's the strato

And the Olympique 41

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Thanks for the Info, We skiied the Strato 102s in Jr.High & High School. I wonder if the next craze is going to be Retro Skis?
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I saw these recently in South Lake Tahoe at two different shops. I think they were selling between $1000us and $1100us.

As for retro skis making a comeback? They've been here for years!

1. HART JAVELIN: http://www.hartskis.com/us/ski/6/

2. LIGHTNING BOARDS: http://www.lightningboards.com/

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Glacier Shop in Whistler had the B2 Strato this past summer. Was way cheaper than 900+ Euros. It is exactly a B2 with the appearance of the Strato. Not sure what they have now.
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I like those Lightning Boards. Too bad they are sold out on all the models.

I would love to have a pair of the fat ones for big pow days.

Very cool
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Don't forget the short-lived Olin Mark IV revival (actually a reskinned K2 Enemy, IIRC). Last year, you could still pick up a pair for about $100 on Evogear.
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If anyone is looking for retro skis I'm sure all we have to do is check a few garages around here. I actually had a pair of Olin Mark II's with the VCE in really good shape up until the next to the last move three years ago.

I saw the new Stratos at the ski barn the other day, they are still damn attractive skis in my opinion. I think they would do well to reintroduce the maroon top sheet as an option.
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I had a pair of Lightnings...broke both skis w/in ONE run, and that was trying to take it easy.

The Javelins are still available from Hart, IRC 99/pr

Dynastar is coming out with a twin tip for 08 that is the old gold Course SL.

I wouldn't mind picking up a pair of the Olin IV's

My favorite of the Rossi graphics was the old orange/black Freestyle, that the bases matched the tops.
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I love simple graphics. rock on retro!!!
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IIR, it was about four years ago when I was struck by the realization I wasn't seeing any Rossi Strato 102s in the lift lines anymore ... ever.

I remember a guy offering another fellow $2000 Cash for his Stratos ... in the lift line at Snowbird. That was about ten years ago.

- KK
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I saw the Olympique's yesterday. They are sold flat and look like they are made of wood (they were in a plastic bag).
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I shared a chair today with a Heavenly instructor who had a pair...



Just B2's with different topsheets, but they are really sweet looking skis!  ;-)

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