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Another happy Magfire 10 owner here...

I purchased a pair of Magfire 10s from a local ski shop (had a price comparable to what Scott was offering...sorry Scott) and took them out to a local hill. Conditions were eastern packed powder in the morning and it softened up very nicely in the late March sun. I pretty much stuck to groomed trails...there was one bump run but the bumps were big and icy (and I can't ski bumps yet anyway).

One of the first things I noticed was that the skis felt pretty short. Even though the skis are only 2cm smaller than my old Atomics, the binding mount point is apparently somewhat forward of where the bindings on my Atomics are. The nice thing about the forward mount point was that the skis were more forgiving of back-seat driving than my Atomics...if you got in the back seat (and I do my fair share of that), it was pretty easy to get back in front. It will take a bit, though, to get used to having more ski behind me.

The next thing I noticed is that the skis are meant to turn...really. It wasn't that I couldn't run them straight when I wanted to (they seemed stable for whatever speeds I felt like going at), but the skis responded really well once you put them on edge. In addition, I was able to get away with quite a bit of skidding on them as well.

As the day went on and the snow softened, the main thing that I noticed was that the skis became more resposive when I put them on edge. I didn't have a chance to try going through any crud but the skis felt pretty stable over the soft snow.

They are definitely different from the Fischer Cool Heats I demo'ed a week ago but I think I'll have a lot of fun with these skis...