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Boots killing you? See Jason McCoy in SLC

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If you have the opportunity to be in the Salt Lake area and are in need of a boot fitter I strongly suggest you see Jason McCoy. You can find Jason McCoy at Snowbird inside Christy Sports across from the tram loading dock. He works at Superior Ski, the tech shop located inside Christy. Jason McCoy is THE MAN!! I have been skiing for years like alot of you people in pain, not really knowing that ski boots can actually feel comfortable. I have gone to other so called "boot fitters" before and the difference is that Jason McCoy not only knows what he's doing, he really cares about the difference a well fitted boot can make in YOUR ski enjoyment. Jason McCoy can be reached at 801-742-2871 for an appointment.
A bit about me, ex-Jackson hole resident, ex racer, always in quest for the steepest and deepest. I need/want an exact fit in a boot. I wear a 10.5/28.5 shoe. Last year I finally had the extra cash to buy a new pair of boots, tecnica diablo. I thought a size 9 would do the trick and they felt fine in the store after several hours so I took them home, only to find out that after a week of skiing with the boys in Jackson, they were simply too big, (Stupid me) so I bit the bullet and bought the 07 size 8 tec diablo mag and dumped the 9's on eBay. These boots out of the box even with my old foot beds were killing me and I had read about Superior on this site and had Jason fit the boots for me. Not only did I ski better because of it, I no longer had those muscles firing off and on which was causing the cramping, numbness, and pain I was experiencing. I was skiing painless for the first time in years. I can't speak highly enough of Jason McCoy and if you are lucky enough to have him work on your boots, you will know what I'm talking about. There are great boot fitters out there in many locales, but there are also people who do not now as much as they need to when it comes to boot fitting, which is why I would definitely stick to a boot fitter in a real ski town.
Things to consider:
  1. There is only one thing you can do to a boot that is too big and a hundred things for a boot too small.
  2. Don't buy a boot because of any brand name or color. Buy the boot that fits. Some complete MFG lines are B width for example, which is great if you are a B width. Other MFG have certain models better suited for YOUR foot. Buy from a knowledgeable shop, better yet, from a shop with a real boot fitter.
  3. Your boots should be sized to your SMALLER foot. (Most people have different sized feet) Don't even think of comparing shoe size!! A good check of the correct fit is to take out the liner, place your foot in the shell with your toes slightly touching the end and anything more than finger or so between your heel and the shell, the boot is probably too large. Two fingers, forget it. Buy your boots from a boot fitter and you will be better off in so many ways.
  4. If you already have boots, seek out a boot fitter at the beginning of your trip and after you have skied enough to know what you need corrected. That way you can take care or any adjustments while you are there. Finding one on the mountain is the best scenario.
  5. Be prepared to spend some time in the shop. I spent 3 hours the first day and about an hour 2 days later after the liners compressed doing fine-tuning. Man, did it pay off heading into stone crusher at Alta!!
  6. They are your feet. If you have too, write down what the problem is and mark your foot or liner with a sharpie if necessary in order to convey what you need corrected. Pressure points are easy to get rid of. The more you can communicate, the better off you will be, but make sure you keep your feet in the boots long enough to know how they will feel on the slopes.
  7. If you don't have decent CUSTOM foot beds you are missing out BIGTIME. You get what you pay for and foot beds wear out every couple of years. A good test is to take the foot beds out and see how well they match the conformity of your foot w/o any weight on them. If you can stick a finger between the footed and your arch let's say, get new ones.
Jason McCoy is an artist when it comes to making you feel good in ski boots, so if you are in Utah look him up. I swear you will not be sorry, but if you find yourself in any other ski town, or going to one, I highly recommend you do some research BEFORE you go here on epicski to find a reputable boot fitter and give him/her a call. As much as we spend on skiing, it's an investment that is often overlooked, but oh so necessary!
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I haven't worked with Jason but, at the same location, Steve Bagley is another outstanding boot fitting guro. In addition to all the custom fitting skills they have they are the distributors for Zipfit custom liners that are simply outstanding IMHO.
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