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Looking for a pair of GS skis but have no idea what to look for

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Hi Guys,

I've been poking through the forums, and you guys seem to be really helpful, so maybe you could help me out.

I'm an 18 year-old male, and I'm going to be racing on my college's club team. I've been racing since I was 7 or 8, and I consider myself a strong skiier.

I need some help picking out a pair of GS skis, however. I've never really known much about ski gear, so I have no idea what to look for. I'm 6'2" and around 190lbs, so I'm guessing a ski around 180-185cm would be best. Right now I'm skiing on a pair of 165 Dynastar Omecarve 10s that I got a couple of years ago, and, while they're fun, I feel like I really need a longer ski for GS.

Any suggestions? If you need any more information from me, let me know.

Thanks a bunch!

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It sounds like you already sort of know what you need. All the same, check out this related thread.

Club racing is a lot of fun. But there is a *big difference* between your Dynastars and a GS ski.

At your height/weight, my suggestion would be to go longer, but really what you need to do is to demo some GS skis to get a sense of this kind of ski. The minimum length for an FIS-approved men's GS ski is 180 cm and a minimum turn radius of 21m. You can get them longer and with a longer radius (though usually the radius will only be marked something like ">21m"). A "retail race ski" like that available from your favorite ski shop may be just the ticket for you. Or, after a few demo rentals of "retail race skis," you may want to talk to someone in your ski team about getting "race stock" skis if you think you need something beefier.

But, if you are "club racing," you may not need to have an FIS ski, in which case maybe try a slightly shorter "cheater ski," i.e. a race ski that doesn't fit FIS rules, like a Fischer RC4 WC RC. Skis like this are made the same way as the "retail race ski" but do not meet the FIS rules for length/sidecut. But, they are *incredibly* popular for town league, beer league, etc., racing, and for good reason. Check with your college ski team and see the rules status of skis for their races (FIS only or non-FIS skis allowed).

Then, demo.

GS was my favorite event in college. You'll love it. Good luck!
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Thanks for the help faber--I would really like to go out and demo some skis, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to because of the current snow conditions around here.

I think something like the Fischer you mentioned may be what I'm looking for--I'll take a look at it.
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Oh, and also, the team is racing in a USCSA league.
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My guess would be that USCSA races require FIS-approved skis. But, that is my *guess*. I'm not involved in racing anymore and am not up on the current regs. I'm sure there is an e-mail link from their website.

That said, and considering the impediments to demoing, it wouldn't hurt to just commit to "real" race skis (FIS-approved).

FWIW, I don't race anymore but still ski on race stock skis nine days out of ten on piste. I raced a fair amount as a kid and in college, and I just like that equipment. I've been on Fischers for years and am never disappointed. The RC4 WC GS is a beast, a great ski. You can get that ski as a "retail race ski" (what a ski shop will sell) or ask people in your team how to find a pair of "race stock". The race stock version will be beefier, heavier (although they don't feel heavy on snow), and stiffer. But the retail version of the RC4 WC GS will still be a stiff ski.

Don't rule out Rossis, Head, Völkl, Atomic, etc., etc.
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USCSA does require FIS legal skis, but it doesn't matter if you aren't an "A-teamer." A real GS ski will be a huge adjustment for you from the Omecarve 10, but it'll eventually pay off once you're used to it. You can probably find a used GS ski from one of your teammates, otherwise check out ebay, as racers are constantly dumping their year-old stuff.
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How about this GS board?

Blizzard GS

Looks like a good deal to me!
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See the old yellow Rossi 9X Pro Course skis in this pic?

You want them? They're yours for the cost of shipping!

Here are the specs:
- 184 cm, 62 or 63mm waist
- says the radius is 21m (perhaps it says >21m; I can check)
- built in lifter
- they seem fairly well used and not too demanding to ski
- they need a tune and a few drops of p-tex
- they're old (I'm going to guess vintage '98 or '99 maybe '00)
- I'm keeping the bindings
- You could fit any rossignol/look axial binding in the holes in the plate (I believe I was right on center w/ my 315mm boots).

Let me know if you want them.
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