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Gotama's or Mantra's

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I recently purchased some freeride plus's & own a pair of Gotama's for my resort ski. I have a pair of mantra's on order. What ski should I mount the fritschi's on? I ski about 70% resort & 30% backcountry. Any thoughts
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Of the two, the Mantra is lighter and more appropriate for touring. The 94 waist will hold on more variable (hard) conditions, and twin tips don't make a lot of sense to me for an AT ski. How may times are you going to ski switch in the backcountry, and consider the additional drag skinning uphill.

Anyway, you lucky stiff, getting two great skis and having to make this decision.
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Tough call. I found the Mantra's to be much better on normal resort runs if you're going to be riding around on groomers some. But thats me.
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Though I have never skied the Gotama, I do have Mantras mounted with the Freerides. I'm happy with the setup because the Mantra is a relatively light ski. I've been on hut trips with relatively heavy packs and it has provided good float. In tight trees it is relatively nimble, whereas, a Gotama may not be...depends on what you plan on skiing.
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Definitely the Mantras. Gotamas are wonderful in deep powder but clunky on groomers, moguls & other conditions you'll encounter at a resort.
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Mantra's are great in resort

Tried the Gotama's and Mantras on back-to-back runs. The Mantras were quicker turning and much more fun on moguls, hard-pack, etc... Unfortunately, did not get a chance to try either ski in powder.

My thoughts: I got the Mantra for general purpose all mountain skiing. If I ever feel they are not enough for pure powder days, I would consider trying a dedicated powder ski, like the Dynastar Legend XXL, or the Volkl Sumo/Sanouk.
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are you the guy with the beat pocket rockets? Are there two of you?
maybe I was drunk.
i have the gotamas 183 with a fritche for resort trees in japan and bc. They're lighter than my hard snow skis (jet fuel 184/126-84-112) the gotamas are way fun in the trees and super nimble. If I were you, I'd mount the gotamas with the fritche for your pow set up. I think a bomber binding would be more fun on the mantra for a resort ski. Then on deep pow days at the resort, the fritche will be fine. I only dislike my fritche on hard snow where edge hold matters more. Why mount the fritches on a narrower ski for bc? weight? the two skis are not hugely different in weight for your 30% bc time. The float will counter the weight. and they have the pretty similar turning radii.

bc/skinning/floating serves the fritche= gotama
resort versatility = mantra with a solid binding. arcing makes the groomer back to the chair more fun.

I understand maybe you don't want to redrill, but good epoxy will suit you fine. and the gotama is a big ski, should handle the remount.
on deep days when you're riding the gotama, you'll appreciate the light binding too.
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