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Choose to Lose--It's Your Call!

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Hello EpicSkiers!

We have put together a 30-Day Lifestyle Challenge to help with any lifestyle issues that may be putting a damper on your fitness and your health.

We are always getting questions from clients about things like:
  • Eating Habits
  • Exercise
  • Supplementation
  • Recovery
This may sound elementary. However, our hectic lives do not permit us to maximize all of the factors that are involved in achieving our goals. Not to mention all the conflicting information that is taught by the media and Hollywood (sources not qualified to do so!). It is not always possible to consume quality calories throughout the day or get at least 7 hours of sleep. Instead, we skip meals and rely on caffiene to get us through our day. Some believe that taking the "magic pill" will get them to look and feel like a million bucks. Bottom line, if such a pill existed.....we would not have such a high rate of obesity (adults and youth) and everyone would feel great!

There is NO short-cut or "quick fix" in the battle of fat loss and in gaining health. Both involve making a lifestyle change FOR LIFE! Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, we DO NOT become fat or unfit overnight. The process happens with time. Therefore to accomplish success.....the road must be paved with realistic guidelines that one can stick to--FOR LIFE!

We have 20 SPACES REMAINING in our 30-Day Lifestyle Challenge. We will help you start your transformation and help you make 2007 the year you changed your life. Our program starts on January 15th.


The SNOtrainers
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Last Call!!

We have 11 spaces remaining....what do YOU have to lose???

Get involved in the strategies that will transform your life forever!

  • Yo-Yo diets
  • UnREAListic claims
  • Starving yourself
  • Silly food combinations
  • Lack of results
Our guidelines will help you lose the weight and gain health that will add years to your life!

These answers are available to you!

You have until 9pm TODAY to reserve your space in our 30-Day Lifestyle Challenge!

The SNOtrainers
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