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Skiercross.. need some advice

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There is a small skiercross event going on at my local hill this Friday night. My friends are organizing the event and are encouraging me to enter since no females have signed up yet. I have never entered a skiercross event but I do have a racing, coaching, and instructing background. I am not too skilled at big air, though. Has anyone here entered a skiercross event before?? Any tips/ words of wisdom?
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never done a skiercross but it looks like a hoot, wish I could get in on a deal like that, if it looks good do it.
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I would not recommend entering a skier cross event especially a local event since they draw less skilled skiers. There is a good chance for being taken out by one of the other competitors while he crashes on a turn. Great way to damage a knee. I've known quite a few brave skiers that have tried this sport and quickly abandoned it after being creamed by someone else.
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One thing when doing cross is that you have to be agressive. If someone is heading your way & not fully in control don't shy away as you'll probably get hurt more than if you push into him/her.

Depending on the quality of compeditors you may want to think how you start, either go for broke in the start or hang back slightly & see the carnage.

I don't race them much, just testing my final product.
Pole like crazy....

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My intitial advice is....DON'T ENTER! I have numerous friends who have been injured by unguided missiles as well. My second bit of advice...if you got to....get the hole shot to the first feature or turn and keep the carnage behind you!
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Oh, for crying out loud ~ ENTER it, and have a blast! Obviously, the majority of the crowd here isn't cut out for competition.

Yes, it's competitive, yes it's aggressive. And yes - it's a BLAST!

You can injure yourself crawling out of BED in the morning. Guess it's just a matter of how far you're willing to push yourself, and test yourself in the heat of competition.

Or you could stay on the groomers and watch OTHER people compete.

PS: Have a great time & a great run, RG!
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my thoughts drift to a sanctioned version of the chinese downhill in Hotdog: The Movie...

Enter and have a blast, just be aggressive as hell. Remember, a DQ is more honorable than a DNF (at least in my opinion anyways) since a DQ means YOU were in control!

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Hot Dog, now there's a real ski movie.

O'm not sure if they like people racing with clubs & rocket packs.

Chinese downhill, Yaa it is the only vay.

That line sort of became our unofficial go to work slogan last year.

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If its just a little local hill style skier cross it shouldn't be too bad, expecially if no more girls sign up! I did one at my local hill there was just one other competitor in my class. I won, and it was one of the funnest things I've done, but you have to be aggressive. It really wasn't that hard I just went as fast as I could over rollers, jumps, and around turns.
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skier-cross not that hard?

Your last name wouldn't happen to be Dakides, would it?
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As for advice, Robin is correct in suggesting you get the hole shot and stay ahead of the other racers. Skiercross courses are normally very fast and whoever sets the line can usually control the pace of the race.

You did say that you are not skilled at big air, however you don't need to cath big air in a skiercross event. In fact, one of the things course designers love to do is build a table kicker just before some "S" turns, forcing a lot of skiers to check their speed before the jump, or once they land. You can avoid doing this by pre-jumping the lip, or just sucking your legs in towards your chest as you go over the lip. Keep your hands forward, almost in a tuck possition. Make sure to run the course several times in oractive at full speed to find where you should angle off the jumps into the next gate.

Many courses also have a series of rollers, which may or may not make you airborn. Unless you have enough speed to clear the gap between 2 rollers, you will want to stay on the ground as much as possible. The reason for this is that you can create speed on the back side of these rollers by presuring the tails of the skis(your weight should still be forward). You can stay on the ground by extending you legs before the roller, then absorbing the roller similar to the way you would absorb a mogul. Watch the skiercross event fromt he XGames to see this technique. They performed it to near perfection.

Most courses also use the snowboard style gates even for a skiercross event, so you can really cut close to the gates. I try to hit almost all gates around the top of my inside boot.

Use your racing skis. I have found that my racing skis (Salomon 10 2V's) are must faster than the "supercarve" skis that I have tried.

Have fun! The event will be competitive, but once the race is over most of the people I have met are more than willing to offer advice.
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