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Special Paper??

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This might have already been addressed, I did a search though and didn't see anything. Maybe one of the techs can help me understand what is so special about that white paper that the techs use to wipe off skis. I don't even know what it's called. How is that any better than paper towels or a clean rag.

Secondarily, is there any difference in polishing the side edges using a progression of diamond stones, down to say 1500 or so, or using a progression of the ceramic stones. Thanks guys for your thoughts on this.
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See Swix hot waxing paper on this page.http://www.tognar.com/wax_tools_hot_...owboard.ht ml

I have never used other paper than that that is designed for hot waxing. It does not burn or leave lint on the wet wax. Leaves a very smooth amount of wax. If you are pretty good at ironing your wax I have found that the paper step can probably be eliminated. You will have a bit more scraping to do however if you indeed scrape?

Happy tuning!!!!!!!!
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Fiberlene lint free paper

Fiberlene lint free paper is excellent for removing dirt and old wax after using wax remover to clean the base or absorbing wax and dirt in base when placed between iron and base (a time and mess saver). It's also an anti-static for cold/dry conditions. Some like it as a final polisher after brushing.

If you're a purist, and an elite racer (especially nordic), lint is a huge no-no. Like others, I also use blue shop towels when I'm less concerned about lint, but want something more durable, yet still economical and with less lint (I think) than regular paper towels.
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Fiberlene is pretty good stuff. At a friend's urging, I got a couple of rolls last year. Since I have one of those Swix irons with the Fiberlene clip on it, I thought, "Why not?" It lasted for a while.

It does as promised: it can be used to get dirty wax out of a base (but so can a brown paper bag--keep the paper still, slide the iron); it really helps ironing in harder wax or $$$$ powders (but so does setting the right temp on the iron, and a little patience); and it is a great finishing/buffing tool after your last brushing (but so are those synthetic green & white, or blue & white, dusting cloths you can get in the grocery store, the ones that don't have any cleaning product pre-impregnated).

I enjoy tuning my alpine skis, but I am *really* obsessive about my XC skis. Yet, I found no reason to replenish my exhausted Fiberlene supply.
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