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Telluride Tips

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Headed to Telluride for the long weekend.

Any tips of where to go, what to do, where to demo (not 100% if I'm taking 1 or 2 pairs of skis with me...would like to demo the Scratch BC, but finding it in short supply), which runs to hit, etc.

Any tips on bootfitters (Boot Doctors/Screaming Doggies) as I am interested in ZipFits and both carry 'em.

Also food recs would be coolio, as well.
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Food recommendations


I love Telluride.

Food recommendations:

Fat Alley - very casual, low cost, great ribs, bbq.

Cosmopolitan - eclectic regional US food, my favorite place in Town. Fairly expensive

Allred's - Top of the gondola, very expensive, beautiful interior, awesome food. To save money, stop in at end of day and sit in the bar and overlook Telluride.

Honga's - mid price, excellent Sushi and Asian food. make reservations. if you're feeling like you need a kick for a night on the town try the Vietnamese coffee for desert. Tasty and packed with energy.

Maggie's Bakery for a hearty breakfast.

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Right on!

My buddy who just moved to Tahoe from Tellu also recommended Allred for a little apres ski beverage.

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Bob Gleason at Boot Doctors is the second best boot fitter in Colorado (or New Mexico, where there is a second store at Taos). He did my last pair of custom insoles, and I was well satisfied with them.
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Boot Doctors, Honga's, Blue Point and the Nugget

I'd try Boot Doctors for both bootfitting and demos -- they seem to do an excellent job of hiring knowledgeable and friendly staff.

I also think Honga's is really good.

It is just my opinion, and no offense is intended to Lorian, but if you are going to go for an expense meal, Blue Point is a better choice than Allreds. Allreds is certainly good for a drink -- I just thought their food was a bit overrated, especially considering the cost. In addition to having really good food (in the same league with large metro area restaurants), Blue Point has a cool basement bar.

I am also a fan of the Nugget theater. It takes you back to pre-multiplex days:
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Good tips all around.

I'm trying to decide which of my quiver to pack out with me...1 or 2 pairs or demo.

Also, I'm in the market for a helmet (gonna hit Jagged Edge to try the Sweet Helmets) and some ZipFits (Boot Doctors and Screaming Doggies carry them).

As for Allreds, it was only suggested for a drink due to the view and watching the sunset (there was a phrase my buddy used that was akin to Northern Lights, but I have forgotten it...)
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Eagle Bar and Grill for good choice of micro's and good food. Thai dishes on the menu there are very good.
We ate at Blue Point and it was good (the appetizers) until we discovered a little surprise in our salad (it was poo, manure, natural fertilizer...). The waitress tried to explain by saying that vegetables are locally grown and organic but they obviously did not wash the greens. It was the size of a prune or large olive and we thought it was something of that nature but asked and they took it back to the kitchen and then gave us the explanation. The only compensation they gave us was our appetizers at no charge. We haven't been back. Hopefully they have improved. Just a warning if you find anything dark, prune shaped and hard in your salad.
New Sheridan Chop House had excellent elk and Sofio's was good for Mexican.
You will love T-ride. It is a great mtn and beautiful town!
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my buddy got his dates screwed. He's not headed to Telluride until NEXT weekend.

i'm stuck with a ticket to Denver on Friday returning Tuesday. Looks like I'll be skiing in Summit County.

prolly gonna try Loveland and A-Basin as they're the only two I've never ridden and I like to try a different place when I'm somewhere I've been before. Also haven't been to Copper for a long spell, either.

Will file all the T-Ride suggestions for a later date, though.

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Unless the pending Thursday thru Saturday storm changes conditions, Summit County probably has better conditions and coverage (as of Sunday). A friend just down from the upper bowls of Copper said it was nice up there. I'd bet A-Basin would be pretty nice. Others would know better.

For the future, Dave of Best Fit Sports and Screamin' Doggies, is an excellent bootfitter.

The best meal I've had to date in Telluride was at the Cosmopolitan just kitty corner west of the base of the gondola in town. For an off the beaten path, low crowd burger or salad (and checkout the NFL playoffs), Burgie Billies at the base of the 'Chondola' (Lift 1) & Lift 10. There's nothing like hanging out at Gorrono in the afternoon with live music, sunshine, a micro brew and the Wilsons as a back drop. Giuseppe's at the top of 9 is also great lunch time or break time hang out spot with awesome 360° views.

Trail Map

Here's a Telluride TR I stumbled across from last spring. (Note the web address is ).

Give a shout if you (or anyone) heads there and maybe we can hook up. Have an excellent time.
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Honga/Lotus Petal for sushi, The Depot for steak and wine.
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frigid weather this weekend

dookey67 dress warmly, this weekend is going to be cooold!!! High of zero!! : Arctic blast coming in, but with new snow each day. Enjoy and stay warm.
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^right on.

a bit worried about the toes. What the hell is the best way to keep 'em warm, especially in Hot Rods?

also, it looks like I'll be riding Summit County this weekend and going to Telluride next weekend (19-22)

I'm actually trying to find the cheapest airfare into Telluride at the moment.

So far I have a SW flight outta Oakland to Phoenix for $160rt and an Americ West outta Phoenix to Telluride for $378rt.

Anybody have any other "tricks" on getting to Telluride for cheaper?
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those warmers you can put in your boot. I never liked them much at all. I just go in and warm my feet up, then go out and do a few more runs.
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Deals on Airfare to TEX

Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
^right on.

I'm actually trying to find the cheapest airfare into Telluride at the moment.

So far I have a SW flight outta Oakland to Phoenix for $160rt and an Americ West outta Phoenix to Telluride for $378rt.

Anybody have any other "tricks" on getting to Telluride for cheaper?
On such short notice, probably not, unless you work for the airlines. There is not exactly a lot of competition on airfare going into TEX (the only other carrier besides American West is Great Lakes -- a feeder for United and Frontier out of Denver). I am guessing all of America West's frequent flyer seats are taken, but you can always check for cancellations.
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To be honest, the restaurant scene in Telluride had many changes over the past year. So some of the recs above are a little out of date - primarily because some places have closed.

Honga's moved locations to the East end of Main Street. More space. Bigger bar. Good sushi, though she is a little pricey for traditional curries, etc - $18/20 for Pad Thai is pricey even for Telluride.

Instead, newly-opened Siam Telluride is better than Honga's for fresh Thai food and about 33% cheaper. There are only about 10 tables and it's full all evening - call ahead. The owner is the sweetest Thai woman who personally comes over to every table. Highly recommend.

Eagles is long gone...and now the combo of Sofio's/Las Montanas - an improvement for both of these separate Mex eateries.

For cheaper Mexican - with a do-it-yourself/ not completely sit-down is La Cocina de Luz. Great fresh Mexican. Highly recommend for a quick burrito.

Cosmopolitan does cheap entrees ($15) for low season (Jan/Nov/April) on Sundays. It's quite good, but pricey.

I think Allreds is great for the gondola ride, views of Telluride at night, but quite pricey.

There are several other consistently good/fun places - 221 Oak - eclectic American, La Marmotte - French/American, Bluepoint - eclectic/seafood, Rustico - Italian. Definitely check out the Noir Bar downstairs from Bluepoint.

For casual/cheaper - Brown Dog Pizza - good pizzas, does a healthy take-out business, Poacher's Brew Pub - classic pub food and Microbrews/great to watch football on 10 TVs, Floradora - seems to finally found itself again.

Harmons - steak place is gone.

There is also a new fondue restaurant that I have not been to yet - curious.

I rarely eat in the Mountain Village, so I cannot comment. The Peaks Hotel restaurants are in constant flux so I would avoid because there is no consistency.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
^right on.

a bit worried about the toes. What the hell is the best way to keep 'em warm, especially in Hot Rods?
I bought these a few years ago and used them in Okemo, VT when the temp was -19F at the base! Kept my feet warm all day.
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Harmon's closed and Honga moved? Wow, I was just in Telluride last March. Thanks for the update Telski.
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Leaving Telluride tomorrow, so thought I would give a quick report. The snow is getting THIN on all blacks, and some blues. They're expecting some snow this weekend, but nothing has fallen yet. I think this storm will miss to the east, but who knows.
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How THIN? Bring your rock skis type thin? Going out there the first weekend of February and am hoping for a freshies storm.

On another note, which runs are fun, not too crowded, and challenging for an 8 skier who likes to mix up the terrain? This will be my first time to T-ride.

Originally Posted by lnester View Post
Leaving Telluride tomorrow, so thought I would give a quick report. The snow is getting THIN on all blacks, and some blues. They're expecting some snow this weekend, but nothing has fallen yet. I think this storm will miss to the east, but who knows.
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Telluride received 10-12" the other day which probably helped, but over the years, when the snow depths are over 48" & for sure 60", you can usually ski just about everything.

Town side lifts: 9, Gondola & Coonskin (7) offer great terrain options as does Gold Hill Lift, 6 & Prospect Bowl.
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well, i'm headed out there on Thurs.

plan to ski 1/2 thurs, full days F, Sat, Sun.

just rode Copper on Saturday and Loveland on Monday...pretty much similar to conditions in Cali/Tahoe, albeit a HELLUV a lot colder. Tahoe two weekends ago was like May skiing last season (at least at Alpine where the bowls had decent enough coverage).

Copper was decent if you stayed on the long groomers (I always forget how dang long runs are out here!) and Loveland was about the same...those hike-to bowls look awesome, but they didn't have the upper summit lift running. Oh well. I'd say there was probably more snow down in Denver than up on the mountains.

At any rate, thanks for the tips on Telluride. I'll have 2 days solo to do some exploring before my compadres arrive.
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Thanks for the tips everyone!

I actually made out okay and I got to tag along with a couple bona fide locals and they took care of me and my buddies.

Great dinner one night at the Excelsior. Props to Denise the bartender, for sure. Have her make you a Gwanger next time you're in town (in case she forgot it's Tanqueray, pinapple juice, ginger ale, and fresh lime). Good night drinking at New Sheridan and "The Buck," to boot.

Went to Hongas one night. Gotta tell ya, a bit way too much over priced and over hyped. Not to be a sushi snob, but I could take anybody to about a half dozen better spots here in San Francisco and you'd pay 1/2 or less what you'd pay at Honga's for what, IMHO, was mediocre sushi at best. The company I was keeping was great and our waitress was great, though, so that almost made up for the sticker price and so-so sushi.

other than that, hit the West End a couple nights (decent and cheap Fish n' Chips) and skied 3 of 4 days.

Oh yeah, bought some new socks at Jagged Edge. Great peoples. Nice, friendly, and they had Extrem skis for demo, too! (I didn't take 'em out, but it's nice to know that they got 'em).

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Dookey never having been to Lake Tahoe's resorts or Telluride, how do you compare the two in terms of scenery? I have heard that the box canyon at Telluride is awe inspiring but does it rival Lake Tahoe?

I have seen pics of the main street in Telluride with those towering mountains behind...very cool!

Glad your trip went well.
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I have been to both and it is hard to compare. They are two extremely beautiful places to ski, but I think Telluride is a little more awe inspiring. The mountains around town shoot straight up, and the views from up on the ski area include four 14,000 ft. peaks as well as a view west all the way to the La Sal mountains by Moab, Utah. The mountains and lake at Tahoe give you a feeling of fantastic beauty, but IMHO the Telluride peaks have more of a "wow" factor, but then Tahoe has many more ski options. I suppose it is ultimately like trying to compare two beautiful women, how can you not love them both. I hope you are lucky enough to find out for yourself.
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how was the snow? is it getting "firm"? going through hard pack/thaw cycles?
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1. To echo what Mudfoot said: trying to compare the two is impossible. They are vastly different.

If you go to Tahoe, say North Shore and stay either in Tahoe City or Truckee you have easy access to Northstar, Homewood, Squaw, Alpine Meadows, and Sugar Bowl. That's 6 resorts within 30 minutes of where you stay, tops. You really can't beat that, unless you stay in Midvale and hit Brighton/Solitude/Alta/Snowbird or Summit County and hit Loveland/A-Basin/Keystone/Breckinridge/Copper/Vail/Beaver Creek.

As for Telluride, the runs are LONG. Definite quad burners unless you're a seasoned local. And the town kicks a$$! Truckee has that old west vibe, but nowhere near the nightlife that Telluride has. Truckee has 2 proper bars downtown and about 5 restuarants with bars, but Telluride had at least a dozen bars and equally that many restaurants, give or take.

2. In terms of snow conditions, yeah, i'd say it's going through the hardpack/freeze mode. I skied 3 days, mostly getting on the hill between 11:30 and 1 (was rolling with good skiers who are not hardcore about getting on the lift at opening bell). The snow was good, but by end of day I was carving hard and slow to keep from sliding. You'd often find yourself railing down a Blue/Double Blue and kick into a turn only to skid out on ice and almost bail. So it was all about maintaining control and keeping alert.

I didn't venture too much off-piste as a lot of the bowls had visible rocks and shrubs. We hit a few of the blacks on Sunday following a mild snowfall, but by the time we hit 'em around noon, all the fresh had been skied off and the rocks and shrubs had re-emerged.

I put a few gouges and scrapes on the bases of my Mantras, but nothing serious. If you have a sweet pair of rock skis, yeah, take those. Or demo.

As mentioned above: Jagged Edge has Extrem skis for demo. Also Paragon near the gondola in Telluride has DPs (138s and 125s).
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