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When I was in Vail for the holidays I had the pleasure of skiing the Volkl Unlimited AC4. I noticed that this ski was quite heavy(probably due to the width and size of the ski). It floated effortlessly over crud and powder and was only held back by my own skiing ability. It held superbly on the crustiest of snow and only slipped when hitting real slick ice.

As with all Volkl's, I noticed that the more I pushed it, the more energy it gave back to me. I skied the AC4 at 163 and noticed that it was a very stable and stiff ski. I think that the 161 would suit me a little better.

Can anyone compare the Volkl Supersport S5 to the AC4 in terms of ski performance.(energy, carving ability, ease of use...)etc? Should I look at the VOLKL ALLSTAR?

About me: 5'8'', 160 lbs, advanced intermediate skier, love the groomed, carving and am venturing into some powder.
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See my East Coast ski review thread

I compared the Allstar to the AC4. I haven't skiied the S5, though...
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First, you are really comparing two different categories of ski. The Supersports are the quickest edge to edge and generally will have the best hard snow grip. The AC's are wider, and naturally not as quick and are somewhat less energetic. The AC series does have excellent grip for it's category but generally not quite as good the the skis in the supersport category.

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Brett where do you do most of your sking ? If your only sking out west you would be better served by the unlimited series and at your ability and your input on the demo try the AC-3 both skis are 163cm ,you could demo it in a 170cm as well . If your mostly on the groomers and ski in the east then the 5 star is your best bet it will float well up to 6+'' and is definetly the better carver and a little better in the bumps than the unlimiteds. I'VE had the original 5 *t-50,then the 6* and currently the 2007 allstar in a 168cm . I think the allstar would be a little demanding for you and I think the original 5*
may have been the most versital of all the models ,but the new titanium 5* looks pretty sweet .The best carver from Volkl is the racetiger SL and I should be getting a pair of 165cm today (where is ups) This skis just rips!
Regarding the sizes a 161/163cm will be faster edge to edge and the next size a little more stable and a better float out west I tend to go longer and in the east I would go shorter,always demo,demo,demo! good luck
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Here's the skinny on the Supersport S5 versus the AC4. Everything aside, if you look at the dimensions of the two skis: 115-69-100 for the S5 and 125-82-110 for the AC4...theres quite a bit of difference there. Fatter tip and more underfoot on the AC4 than the S5. If you are looking to do mostly groomers and want a softer ski, go with the S5. That and you stated you are probably an intermediate skier. The AC4 is geared toward a more advanced skiier. Yet, a number of intermediates (and plenty of experts) have posted here and said they love the AC4...so perhaps you'd be alright. I just picked up the AC4s in 170 and LOVE THEM. The AC4s will allow you the ability to venture into powder if need be and perhaps to push your ability a little bit. People have also said it does great on bumps and trees if you eventually make your way there. Until you get good enough and the $$$ to pick up a fatter pair of skis (powder only) the AC4 is a good one-quiver. When there's no falling snow and you are relegated to the ice and groomers, you'll be ripping and getting edges there. The AC4 will make you be a little more aggressive and use its features. That's a good thing. The wood core is very responsive to people that can push it. I'm an expert skiier (8-9 level) and while I live in the Midwest...I do most my skiing out West. The AC4 gives me the best of both worlds. While not the greatest ski out there for powder or steeps (like say the Mantra or Gotama) it certainly holds its own. Do a search for the AC4 and Supersport and you'll probably find a few more reviews. Hope that helps.

NYCHawkeye74 - did you go to Iowa? I did (I'm also originally from there)...graduated dental school there this year. Go Hawks!
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BHALLDDS: Didn't go there, but I grew up on Lexington Ave about 5 blocks from the Dental School. Still have season FB tix and I usually make it to 3 or 4 games each season. Bro is Law School there now.

I agree with what you said on the AC4's. They demand precision - no mistakes or you will get tossed. The turn radius alone is so different, that if you are not very comfortable with speed, you won't like. No stability issues with speed, though. I really fought them on the ice at Hunter, but they were a lot of fun in the crud/shaved ice on the lower half of the hill.

All-stars (and prob the S5, as well) are much easier I think for someone on the regular trails, especially if he is not out West.
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The S5 is in essence a rebranding of the 5 star. If you can handle the AC4 then you can handle the All-Star. Go with the All star over the AC-4. I only use the AC-4 in the deepest snow. The All Star will serve you well in powder and is far superior on groomed and ice. In addition the AllStar will be better for you to improve your skiing on. You don't want to have to be tipping a 70+mm waisted ski over. Don't fall for the all-mountain hype. We all skied deep powder on skinny skis for years and the all Star is prob twice as fat
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I have both the AC4 in 170cm length and 5 star in 175cm length. I am 5'11 and 195lbs. Both skis are awesome. I have found the 6 stars and Allstars too stiff and too demanding. Last year the AC4s were awesome on Hunter's West Side trail Clare's with about 4 inches of natural and Jackson Hole non-Powder days. For deep deep JH powder days I have 95mm waist powder skis. The 5 stars are my ski of choice on the east coast 80 percent of the time on groomers and moguls. The AC4 has a wicked turn radius the shorter you go for an wide 82mm waist ski. This year on the east coast I have only skied the 5 Stars given the extreme hard pack conditions on limited number of trails with heavy use.

Note given the name change from 5 Star to S5, the prices have dropped significantly on the 5 stars if you can find one. No worries, buy both the AC4 and 5 Star.
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Ok...my mistake...I just realized that I skied the Volkl AC 3 in Vail...not the AC 4. I went to the local shop today and took a look at the Supersport S5, which IMO, might be the ski for me. I told the guy that I might be moving out West and he said that the S5 is terrible in powder. I don't quite believe that comment.

When I skied the AC3 in Vail, it left a little to be desired on the groomed surface. I needed a little more quickness edge to edge and more "pop" coming out of the turn. This is why I am looking at the S5. The Volkl does handle some powder and plows through crud with ease...doesn't it? I can't tell you if I am definitely moving out West, but it looks like I will. Will the S5 be the right choice for me? I can see myself in groomed/crud/light
powder 85% of the time and the deep stuff 15% of the time.
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Originally Posted by volklskier1 View Post
The S5 is in essence a rebranding of the 5 star.

The s5 is a high performance ski that is easy to ski, IMHO. If you are an intermediate skier maybe you should go to the s4.

They, AC4 and S5, are two different skis. From what you have said, I'd like to suggest the s5.
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Originally Posted by $$$Brett$$$ View Post
I can see myself in groomed/crud/light
powder 85% of the time and the deep stuff 15% of the time.
If you are really going to be skiing powder, the s5 is not the right tool. AC4 is ok for normal powder and great in crud. If you ski in the east the s5 would be a great choice for you, I think.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

Yes...The 5 star was the top ski and started the supersport line. The S5 is in essence a remake of that ski.
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I've skied both and I have the AC4 in 177. I'm a little heavier than you but not much. The AC4 is a great ski up here in the Pac NW where things tend to get pretty chunky by the end of the day. It just eats up the crud and does pretty well in the powder (not that I'm an expert powder skier or anything). I'm more of a GS type turner and the AC4 just loves to make fast big turns. If you like a snappier ski and enjoy the bumps, the S5 is a great way to go. For my style, it was a little to soft for my taste. If you're probably moving out west, I think the AC4 is a great all-arounder for out here. I'll admit, I am biased though.
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Great guys! Thanks for the help. It sounds like I have to be really honest about my skiing ability and what terrain I ski most when I ski. I am wondering if I should wait to buy since I might be moving out to the West next summer and might not be skiing the East as much. The sales are so good though right now!
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