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Madden Julian Oscillation

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No, it's not a new ski technique or the latest fat ski. I like all suffering Easterners who can't just fly away to snowy corners for some much needed fun and snowy cold weather found this bit of info from the Windham website very promising

Madden Julian Oscillation


And since I booked a ski house in the Catskills at the end of January for my bunny skiing friends they might get to fall in some real snow.

Tips up
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Thishighpressureoverhereturnsaround and BOOM! Thenthelowpressuresnowsystemstartsbuildingup and look right here and BAM! Ilovethat and then thedevelopinglowstartsupoverhere and POW! RIGHT THERE ....
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Snow in your face

I'm getting excited just hearing about it, too. BAM!!!!
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that was the John Madden oscillation btw
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John Madden, Isn't that a Football Player? NO?

Roland Madden and Paul Julian noticed the 40 - 50 weather oscillation. I wonder if they ski?:

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If all of that is true then this is wonderful news indeed.....guess I have reason to get those new SL skis after all

Let it snow!
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That cold Siberian air mass in now intruding into the Gulf of Alaska. The cold air is sinking south and is expected to bring the coldest temperatures to our region (Sacramento, CA) by Thursday. Snow is almost unheard of in the valley, but is a possibility with this change.

While I wish the forecast called for some additional moisture to accompany the cold wave, all of this will flow eastward and help to change the pattern. Good luck, and keep ranting.
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