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Will this combo work?

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I decided to help get my 29 yo son back into skiing after a few years out of the sport. He is 5-7 195 athletic level 5-6. I gave him a pair of Nordica Speed Machine 14s that I was using for two years (I got new Salomon Falcon 10s!) and a pair of new Fischer RX4 @160 that I got for a great deal on EBay. The boot fit is not an issue as we are the same size and they fit him well. I know that the boots are a little to much for him and the RX4s may not be quite enough ski but for 5 times a year groomer cruising will this combination work adequately?
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sounds be fine

boots a bit stiff, but they can be made softer
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Only problem would be if he decides to go fast. If he does he could be in trouble.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Only problem would be if he decides to go fast. If he does he could be in trouble.
When we ski together he will try to stay with me and I ski fast. We'll be on blues and groomed blacks. What would be his iisue, over powering the RX4 and losing edge hold?
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If he keeps control of his speed and doesn't try to go fast he will be fine. If he likes a little thrill and seeks out some speed, he may bite off more than his skis can chew.

I have not skied the RX4, but based on it's intended purpose I would assume that it has a relatively low speed limit (compared to RX8 say). Should he find himself going fast (quite easy to do on a groomed black), he would find that the skis' rapid oscillations particularly at the tip would render him with very little ability to control his line. This could end tragically in two ways: him attempting to hit the brakes at a fairly good clip combined with terrain features sending him rag-dolling down the slope, and him deciding to tuck it out ending up in him crashing at an even higher speed.
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