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Booster strap mounting

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How important is the orientation of the booster strap on the tongue of the boot? Is it ok if is is not centered? (eg 1/3 inside 2/3 outside.)
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I don't think it matters so long as the elastic doesn't rub across a hard plastic edge.
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For that matter, its OK if the elastic is in back of the spoiler. On my boots, the 3-strap Booster is too thick to put the elastic where it interferes with buckles.
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OK, thanks.

Then it is something else that is making the right leg track to the outside.

Could it be that the outside of the right lower shell was overpunched (needed room under the arch buckle) and toe alignment was not maintained, resulting in a duckfooted stance?
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I have a Booster strap on my Falcons and it won't route directly against the tongue so I have to tighten it over the plastic shell in front. I can still feel the tension when I tighten it. Am I loosing a lot of the effectiveness that way?
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