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2/9-2/12 SLC area

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Well, my buddies are crapping out on me again so I'll be making another solo trip out on these dates. I'll be arriving Friday morning and plan on hitting one of the PC resorts on the QuickStart program around noon. All other days are open, though I'd like to hit Alta again as well as Snowbird. If anyone would like to get together to make some turns, let me know. I had a great time out there last year for the Gathering and am looking forward to more of the same.
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Meeting Up


My brother, cousin, and I will be out there from 2/11-2/16. We are staying at the Bestwestern Landmark Inn in Park City. We kind of have a plan on skiing Monday at Deervalley, Tuesday - don't know, Wednesday - don't know and Thursday at Alta. The other places I had in mind were Snowbasin, The Canyons, and maybe Snowbird. Who knows maybe Solitude. We run mostly blues and some easy blacks. If you would like to meet up with us you are more than welcome. Let me know so we can hook up some place. We are getting in SLC Sunday afternoon.
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I am your guide at snowbird or alta on either sunday or monday.

1. Be prepared to be there early
2. Bring your "a" game
3. Please bring a helmet

I am not mellow but you will have one of the best days of your life I promise, just not a fan of waiting for people on my days off....
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Last call for alcohol. I'll be coming in tomorrow and should be on a slope in PC by noon. Which PC resort will depend on if anyone can meet up for some turns. Any takers? PM me.
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no taker on PC but am free sunday/monday for alta/bird
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Cool Bushwacker. I'll drop you a line when I'm in town. I'm looking forward to it.
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Well Bushwacker showed me around Snowbird today and did not disappoint. He knows the mountain well and is an excellent skier and guide and he's tireless. Unfortunately my A game is equal to his C game If anyone is in the area and will be hitting the Bird, I suggest you hook up with Josh. Thanks buddy.
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I wish I'd seen this the other day... I'm not in the PC/SLC area at the moment, but I, and others in my family, skied a bunch with northeasterner at the Gathering last year. He was great company. I'd be glad to ski with him again. If he's still skiing tomorrow and you are also skiing in the neighborhood - you oughta hook up with him. Don't hesitate.
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