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Colorado Pass Info

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I am looking to buy a Colorado Pass card for next year, but I don't live in CO which makes it very difficult to get the pass.

The only thing the operators on the phone will tell me is that the pass normally goes back on sale in late August or early September. I am thinking of doing some hiking in CO Labor day weekend, and buying the pass on the Tuesday before I head back - Tuesday, September 2nd. Does anyone know if they ahve traditionaly had the pass on sale by that holiday weekend?

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They (they being Vail) don't market these discount price passes out of state. I believe that you have to be there in person to have your picture taken. All of the ski areas are usually selling passes at preseason prices at Gart's Sniagrab sale in downtown Denver which starts Labor Day weekend and continues for a month or more. You should be able to obtain a pass there on the Tuesday after Labor Day.


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Do they normally start selling them at the beginning of that weekend, or start on the Tuesday after the weekend os over to keep out of towners from getting in on the deal?

Thanks again
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They will be on sale the entire weekend during SNIAGRAB.
The sale is held at 10th and Broadway, at the Gart's SportsCastle.

The sale kicks off on teh Saturday, and the passes will be sold Sat, ,Sun, and till noon on Monday.

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What is the deal with this pass?

I've heard of it but I don't know the details.
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Unlimited skiing at Breck, Keystone and I guess A-Basin and 10 days at Vail or Beaver Creek for a fairly low price. I think about $300.00 or so but that is just a guess.

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Rusty's guess was pretty close!
Unlimited at Breck, Keystone, and A -Basin, and the 10 days at Vail/ Beaver Creek. More days for V/BC can be purchased in blocks of 10.
Thge price is $319 for the first time, and $299 to renew it. Renewals can be done online, but the initial must be purchased in person.
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Thanks for the info!
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If the crowds at Garts are too much, they also sold them at REI.

You should also know (for trip planning) that there are several black-out dates at Vail/BC, usually thanksgiving day, Dec 26-Jan 1, and at least one of the President's day weekend days (usually the saturday, maybe the sunday, I can't remember). Last year they were talking about blacking out some days at Breck and Keystone, too, but they decided not to in the end. The additional blocks of 10 days for vail are considerably more expensive this year than in the past.

It is a really great deal- it cost me less than $10/ day to ski this season (and it's not over yet- 5" of new last night at the Basin!!)
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Vail Associates are the sellers. REI and other ski shops allow then to set up a table in the late summer. They are there selling passes only on weekends, Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, and Labor day Monday. If you wait until Tuesday of your trip, you will be out of luck. Arrange your trip to stop and get you pass before you go hiking. You can call Vail Associates in August and they will know more then.
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