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Any Experience w/ Line Warranty?

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Hi Everyone,
I am a new poster to this forum but have been lurking for sometime reading ski reviews etc. Anyhow I purchased a pair of Line Prophet 80 in an online closeout 3 months ago and finally got a chance to ski them here in Minnesota last month. I took my 5 year old out for about 3 hours one night and went again Saturday with a buddy. Got home and was thinking about how I really liked the way the ski performed. I took them out of the bag to towel them off and I noticed one was delaminated at the tail and the end of the edge was coming out. No bumps, jumps or rails yet, just fast turns on an icy hill and not a scratch on the skis. Needless to say I would think a ski should last longer than 6 hours. Does anyone out there have any experience with Lines warranty. I called the dealer and they said call Line for the fastest service which I am going to do as soon as they open today. I am going to Jackson on the 19th and really don't want to be stuck renting or using my old X15's, anyone think I'll have a chance of seeing a repair or a new pair by then?
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What did Line say? If you have not called them yet, you are wasting time.

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Contacted line, they said you have to go through a dealer, any dealer is fine, part of the agreement to sell line skis. Apple Valley Ski and Bike is being very helpful, they set a new pair aside for me to pick up. They said they will charge me for them, then reimburse me when line honors the warranty. Sounds like a decent shop and they are saving me a lot of trouble, I'll have to through a little extra business their way!
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Line warranty sucks.
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This is why we don't buy Lines.
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This is why I don't buy Line, and why my local dealer stopped selling Line.

Hopefully, their sales and after-sales service as well as their build quality will improve following the K2 deal.
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Dropped them off at Apple Valley Bike and Ski, Jon, the service tech was great, he had a new pair waiting for me when I got there and even mounted them at no cost and did a binding check in the 20 minutes I was there. He had to charge me for the skis of course but they will reverse the carge when Line sends them a refund or new pair and told me based on the brand spanking new look of the ski other than the delam he was confident I would get my money back asap. By the way, when you call Lines 1-800 # the greeting is "welcome to K2 sports" so the warranty dept. is K2's. Hopefully these hold together better, if not Jon told me my warranty period started over since I have their reciept.
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Line sold out

Hey There,

For those of you who do not know. Line sold out to K2 - (sadly) I liked this Vermont company. Expect more crap made in China with Line name dusting in ski stores. Oh well will have to switch to Vist.
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