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Summit Daily Review!

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Darn! I'm getting up early tommorrow to meet the folks at Copper, but I had to stay up late to see if this posted. You's think I was an actress in a Broadway show waiting for the reviews! :

Anyway, here it is:

Don't forget, if you are in Summit County on January 27th, come by the studio for the book launch party, or come to Borders for the signing on February 11th.
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Congrats LM!!!! Looking forward to seeing/reading the book.
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Nice review, Lisa!

BTW, Lisa will be giving one of the apres-ski presentations at ESA Aspen.
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Veeeery cool! Congratulations!
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Not only a good review but they even spelled your name correct!

I want to read more about Snowprioception!
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Great Job LM!!
& on the hill today too!!
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Nice work LM!!

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Great to see you yesterday, LM, and great work on the book and launch!

You go, girl!
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Good job, Lisa. Looking forward to seeing your book.

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Good job Lisa.
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Just a heads up, amazon is currently taking orders for the book. Shipping in February.
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Felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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