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heading to tahoe area

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heading to tahoe area last week of jan. the wife and i have never been but weve skied utah and alot of summit co. was wondering what was acouple of good places to go, wife skis greens due to bad knees but could take on a low impact blue run. myself iam a strong intermediate that just likes to cruise, hey iam getting old, OK! thanks for any info...........
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NorthStar, Heavenly both have long cruising beginner and intermediate runs with nice amenities!
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I agree with Bud. Especially Heavenly for the scenery and long perfectly groomed runs. Most of the best ones are marked intermediate, but hook your wife up with the ski school and she will have them down pat in no time. You might be surprised that Kirkwood also offers a lot of beginner terrain with the Timber Creek, Snowkirk and Caples Crest lifts, and for intermediates add lifts 5, 11 and the Sunrise lift on the backside.
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very true, sorry to forget Kirkwood! My kids love skiing that gulley too!
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I too would recommend Kirkwood, they've got varied terrain that will make for a fun day of skiing no matter what level you are skiing at.
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My wife and I are in a similar situation, just a few weeks behind the last week in March. Very useful advice so far.

Would this advice be different so late in the year?

Which area would be better for maintaining contact between a middle intermediate and a lower expert? I'd like to take a number of cruising runs with my wife but maybe peel off for something a bit steeper once in a while and meet up again at the lift.

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Late in the year? That's mid-winter in Tahoe!

I HIGHLY recommend Alpine Meadows or Squaw Valley for what you sound like you're looking to do.

Heavenly doesn't have a lot of "mixed" and varied terrain, nor does kirkwood (which can get boring for the intermediate). Alpine (especially) and Squaw have runs that you BOTH can take and meet back on the same lift and BOTH have a great time.
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ditto on Alpine

If one of you is advanced and the other is intermediate, then Alpine is great to ski together, taking different lines/knobs/runs off the same chair (or any number of chairs there, i.e. Summit, Alpine Bowl, Scott, Lakeview, Sherwood, Yellow, etc.), but ending up at the chair at an acceptably close time. My wife and I used to do that all the time. Now she's a little better and likes Squaw better.

At Squaw, try Squaw Creek for sure. Some of the other chairs might work, if she's truly an intermediate. Even some of the "advanced" chairs have bailout blue sections, especially if she can handle a simple traverse over to the bailout section, i.e. "Chicken Bowl" off Siberia or Headwall traverse.
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Cool! Alpine for sure then! I liked the afternoon rates too since we are staying in South Tahoe and have trouble getting going very early

As to time of year, glad it's still winter, my wife hates soft or slushy conditions.
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variable conditions

Late March could bring a foot of freshies or spring conditions; totally unpredictable. I've skied 2" new on May 1; 8" new in mid-April; and spring conditions in late Feb. over the years. Just layer under a 20000 shell, and you'll be set for anything.

BTW: if you don't want to drive all the way around the lake from SLT, then you could do a lot worse than to ski at Mt. Rose for a day. There's plenty of stuff each of you could take there, while sharing chairs up.
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