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help me decide??

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thinking about taking a trip at the end of feb. either to tahoe or whistler. got friends in vancouver and sacramento. there should be 4 of us and we're all 25-30 if that matters.

i've never been to either of these resorts. the only real skiing i've done was at breck and vail otherwise we don't have much here in the midwest.

any advice would be appreciated.
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Whistler for sure as they are having a much better snow year than Tahoe.
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Tahoe would require you to either have a car or stay at one resort. Lots of variety.

Whistler allows you to stay in one place and forget about the car. Huge nightlife. Plenty of skiing variety.
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I'll have a car at both resorts. Sounds like i'm going to whistler anyways. Will be getting discount tix at 7/11. Any recomendations on lodging up there?

It sounds like everyone is bailing so it'll only be 2 of us up at whistler.

now I gotta plan a cheap trip for the rest of the buddies here in the states. Any good places for a 3 day weekend ski?
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Im going to Whislter this week, whats this deal you mention from 7-11? any info would be great, thanks!
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Originally Posted by canadamatt View Post
Im going to Whislter this week, whats this deal you mention from 7-11? any info would be great, thanks!
If you don't have tickets as part of a lodging package you can pick up discount tickets at 7-11s in the Vancouver area. The easiest place is in Squamish along the road to Whistler. It's on the left at the main light for town. It's also much easier to pick them up there than to try buying them at Whistler. When you go to the ticket window at the resort they ask all kinds of questions for demographic surveys and it takes forever.
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awesome, I'll do that, thanks for the heads up.
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Whistler 2 for 1 tickets???

I just saw this on eBay and was wondering if anyone has seen this discount book?


Their eBay rating looks good, but I am wondering if this is something that Whistler will truly honour once I get there. Before I buy I thought I would check here to see if people reckon it is legit..... or otherwise?

Seems like a good deal, unless I show up in April and get a blank stare from the people at the ticket window....:
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