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Envy Downunder

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Well, I am sitting in a muggy 28 degree heat getting my kicks from leaving my head in the freezer for a couple of extra seconds while I search for tonights dinner and defrosting the office fridge! (Talk about Ice Man, all soughts of things are emerging from melting mass.)
Watching the build up on the snowcams - and - and being told in southern weather bulletins of conditions is not doing anything for the temprament.
So if you are hitting the slopes in Oz or NZ now or very soon, have fun and feel the envy.

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I'm about to drop our club bookings officer an email to book monday night at guthega, that way I can shamble down the Monaro at a decent hour, stuff about getting my pass done, do a bit o skiing, then drift around to the lodge and do it all again on Tuesday. 12 bucks, extortion.

It just began nuking snow again at Buller a couple of hours ago, and as always it's moving north.

Can't imagine why snow enthusiasts live in the warm end of Oz. I was offered a very lucrative job in Sydney in 98, and refusing it was so easy! Too far from the snow. And, it's in Sydney.
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Ah! ant
I knew there would be someone out there who could add salt to the wound.
Funnily enough, it is probably by being up North that it has allowed me to get the amount of skiing in over the past few years that I have. By no means as much as you and most of the others on this forum manage (or as much as I would like) but more than I would have got if I lived in Sydney or Melbourne. A function of committments, funds and opportunity.
Like a good voyeur, I will follow through the threads and cams until it is my turn again.
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Just got back from a weekend at Falls & there was 15cm dropped on the bonnet of the car this afternoon [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yes, the real snow has started arriving. I have moved to Christchurch in the last week so am now closer for making some day trips at the weekend. Mt Hutt got about 20cm at the weekend but could not go up because I was house hunting. My priority had to be finding somewhere to live!

Hopefully I will get up there this weekend, there is a lot more predicted over the next couple of days.
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I can visualise the road out of Christchurch almost better than some of the roads here at home, see the colour of the Lake at Tekapo and almost smell the air at the Lyndas Pass - I'll just have to keep doing imaginary pole plants on the run (as in feet) down the hill!

Then send me unsolicited stickers - someones really trying to make it hurt.

disski - makes you wonder why you had to go back to the car.
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Nomad - to earn more money to pay for more skiing of course
Soon I will take a resort job again - soon [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Skied at Hutt yesterday (sunday) only one run open...very expensive at $68 for a day pass for a 300m run! but good to back on the snow again! Lots of snow this evening...maybee the club fields will start opening up in a week or so!
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Mine was a little cheaper - about 500/30 = $16 or so per day .....nothing like a seasons pass...
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Disski you get your season pass 50% off to start with so skiing is always going to be dirt cheap for you as you ski so much.
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Yes Seth - but I also NEED to take lessons MOST of those days.... so it actually costs me A LOT MORE than most people.
Try adding $80-90 per day for private lessons to that
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Fair call. I forgot about all your lessons.
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Yeah - I love the instructors & lessons - but it has been hard being dependant on them - It will be nice to ski with some of the sno-info crowd at Hotham a few days this year & perhaps NOT have some lessons
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Originally posted by nomad:

I can visualise the road out of Christchurch almost better than some of the roads here at home, see the colour of the Lake at Tekapo and almost smell the air at the Lyndas Pass - I'll just have to keep doing imaginary pole plants on the run (as in feet) down the hill!
nomda - the whole of Canterbury got covered over the last 24 hours, snow even closed the main highway between CHC and Timaru - that is a first I think, it is usually due to flooding. A friend was at Lake Tekapo on Sunday to take photos (he is not a skier) and said there was snow everyhwere, reminded him of my Canada holiday photos, I can imaginehow beautiful it would have been on a clear day. Hopefully by the weekend they should have the roads cleared and a bit safer than at present. Is melting fast down low, all the snow is gone from outside my office.

tom@cham - I noticed on the ski report they only had the quad open at Hutt, a bit cheeky to charge full price for such a short run. Coronet opened at Queens Birthday with just one main run, but at least that was from the top to bottom.
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Julie & Tom
Full price for just the quad seems a bit much even to poor far away me. Probably rocks in Broadway aswell.
I can remember some years ago scuba diving in a 40 foot fresh water hole blacker than "hell" just to get a compressed air fix - so it probably felt good just to be out there.
It would seem from the latest dump that all that is behind you and more on the way if you are lucky.
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I went up to PB on Monday (to get my season pass, drop off AT skis to have the bindings moved to better skis, and stock my lodge locker).

The skiing was good, but limited terrain was open...luckily I met up with a good ski buddy who was demoing skis, which made the day a lot more fun. So at home-time, I rang the club bookings officer from the carpark, bought some provisions from resort grocers, and drove around to Guthega (a bit of a hike). So I skiied Tuesday as well - the weather was orrible but it was nice to be skiing again. My legs are still stiff and sore though.

Heading up to my new job in a few days, so much to do. It's snowlocked, so getting out to buy things etc is quite an endeavour.
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Thats the way to keep the rest of us happy.
Pass what it is like.
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Ant - just back from 3 days at Falls [img]smile.gif[/img]
Not sure what it was like up there - but Sunday we had amazing quality snow on 1 of our areas. Firm base cover - with a dusting of cover(5mm) on top. It FELT sort of like skiing corn.(Creamy sort of silky feel to the feet)
Even the AUSTRIANS liked it - said they never expected to ski that sort of snow in Oz!
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Austrians never expect anything !

It is NW weather in Adelaide, cool and intermitent showers. Not a lot in it for the white fix circus 1400 kms east. IMHO saturday for a dump ????

Soon .... very soon!!!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Went up to Hutt both days last weekend with a fellow Bear, had some great runs in light wind blown powder. Problem is the wind was affecting the lifts and they had to close the chairs about Saturday midday. I am now learning how it got its nickname Mt Shutt. Hung around and queued up for the Tbar and got in some nice runs, albeit a bit short. Went back up Sunday, the chairs never opened but got a few runs in on the T Bar before they had to close everything. Such a shame with all that nice snow about, maybe this weekend will be more settled. Got plenty of fresh tracks and tried out a pair of Atomic 10.20 a fellow Bear was demoing, I was impressed, now I want some.

Picking up my digital camera today, so I can now take some pics to make those Northern hemisphere'ers green with envy for downunder.
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Windy as hell here, there's a very cold front coming. already snowing in Vic this arvo. Gale force winds though, they closed teh middle of Jindabyne today and evacuated part of the town (there's a stupid thing like a crane there, looks like it's for bungy jumping and they were scared it might go).

They are talking maybe snow around Canberra and Bowral with this front.
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"Go you good things"
(With apologies to Chris Handy and just to show I am following whats happening.)
Went to dinner with the brother in law and his family last night and basically talked about, we'll get the plane here, buy the food, head up the mountain, won't it be great blah blah blah .... and still six months to go.
Keep having fun.
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Nomad - where you off to & when?
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Julie SHutt is always doing that. I think it's been closed more than open so far this season. I'm suppossed to be heading over there in a couple of weeks but am seriously considering now heading further south. Hutt normally has better snow, but doesn't this time, and I have only a few days so don't want to waste it looking at a closed mountain yet again.
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Pete - Suggest you head down to Wanaka. Treble Cone has got really good cover at the moment and does not get affected by the wind like Mt Hutt. If you base yourself in Wanaka you can also go to Cardrona, the weather can be quite different at these mountains so often if one is closed the other is open.
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Absolutely freezing, wet & howling winds in Adelaide today.

Has this beautiful weather made it to the front side of the country yet? Better still, is Guthega turning on the pow yet ?

Ant .... hello

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Up at Porters yesterday it snowed on & off all day, then we got another dusting last night. Winds a bit strong today though. Out to go push some snow later today.

Went for a go on my new crossmax skis yesterday, love them
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40cm overnight at Perisher and it has been snowing all day today with (unfortunately) gale force winds which have all the chairs on wind hold. Forecast for more snow easing tomorrow and sunny on Sunday.

Have rescheduled our first trip for the year from tonight to dark o'clock tomorrow morning to avoid the ice and drifts on the Guthega road in the dark. Particularly important as the awd Subaru is still in the smash repairer after some turkey ran a red light. 6 weeks and $18k later I'm still waiting.

Instead of the dark we'll have to battle the punters trying to put chains on to get over Wilson's Pass and up to Perisher. Oh well at least we'll find some freshies tomorrow afternoon!
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Ya lucky boy Gera.

I head back across the Hay plain (with a nice tail cold wind) from Adelaide on Sunday but alas I must ignore the Snowy Mountains Highway turnoff and proceed on to Sydney.

Enjoy your turns and the drive up. I hope the trees are deep and the lines short for you.

The weather map shows more of the same by my reckoning around Tues next week.

If I sell this Adelaide house for a decent price maybe I may finally make it for an NZ ski. Its probably about time I did.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Trust me not to ski Downunder the year it decides to really lay it on. Ce la vie - as they say in French Soccer.

I headed to Mt Hutt for three days a couple of years ago and found it shut. Jumped in the car and headed for Wanaka. Had a couple of great days at Cardrona and Treble Cone. Headed back stuffed but satisfied.

Taking the family to Big White, BC for a fortnight in January. Should be fun.
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