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First impressions of Atomic M:ex

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I'm not a ski guru, so these are just my opinions having spent a day on my "new to me" 175 Metron M:ex's.

I'm 5'-3"/135lbs, 43 and have been skiing off and on since age 4. Always skied long,(what I could reach over the tip of) at 190 and just can't get into skiing short skis. No offense to those who do.

Rented all last year, and got to demo some Vokl Super Stars and 724's. Fun skis. This year I wanted to buy my own, did some reading and steered toward the Metrons. Found this pair on ebay in basically brand new condition, although they are last years. Having read reviews from bigger guys skiing these shorter, and seeing Atomic's recommendation for something like a 150 for me, I was worried these would be way too much ski and I'd wind up miserable on them.

I'm happy to say that I had a blast on them yesterday at Yosemite's Badger Pass. Conditions were hard packed base with a couple inches of loose on top. Temps in the mid 30's all day. They'd had high winds the day before so there were some nice icey, choppy areas too.

The ex's were huge fun and it was pretty amazing to see how they held on in the icey or wind blown crusty or hard stuff. I pushed them, and they pushed me. At the end of the day I was beat and all smiles.

Looking forward to more testing (and improving my skills)!
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Funny - just skied my MEX's for the first time last week. Probably not too many people care as they are an older model ski. None the less - they are new to us

Me - 6'2" 185, advanced, primarily off-piste, skied them in a 175 at boot center. Also ski 8800's in a 178 as an everyday ski.

Alpine Meadows Thursday - 12" of freshies!! These skis were lots o fun! Easy turning, great float and very versatile turn shape - short to long turns were easy and they have a large sweet spot. Comparing them to the 8800 they are easier in short to medium turns, much stiffer, and you ski them more forward. At times I liked them better than the 8800 - when dancing through the trees, shorter turns in steep pitches and when railing short to medium turns on groomers. Although, other times I liked the 8800's a bit more - when doing larger arcs and just wanting to sit back and cruise - let the ski run so to speak.

Alpine Meadows Friday - primarily packed pow and groomers. Again, very versatile, fast, easy turning with varied turn shapes, great at blasting through cutup pow and skiddable in the steeps. As the snow was soft Im not sure how easy they will be to smear on hardpack/firm steeps... At times I felt like they could be a bit longer - perhaps its because the radius is 19m as compared to the 8800's 25m? Also, as they are easy to turn, I couldnt imagine mounting them forward as the NEOX binding allows. In fact, I may try them mounted slightly behind boot center.

These most likely will be replacing the 8800's as an everyday ski. If it were possible though - it would be nice to mutate the two skis and get the best of each. I have to wonder - could the Snoop be the mutated version as its softer than the MEX, has a slightly longer radius, slightly wider... or what about the Seth... Forget that thought - these are paid for!! Bottom line - The M:EX gets a
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Great reviews!
I've also got a pair of brand new M:EX 175's waiting for me...Unfortunately I'll have to wait till March when we go to Val Thorens. I was a bit afraid that I bought them too long but based on you experiences I guess I'ts the right size for me. (I'm 180lbs 6'1")
I wonder how they will perform on icy groomers. Last year I went to Tignes/ Val d'Isere and the conditions were very icy. My old skis are SL9's and those ski's seemed to be just right for the icy conditions.
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