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Big Sky already opened for the 2001-2002 season

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I'm surprised it hasn't been discussed yet, but for those that didn't know, Big Sky Resort in Montana opened on new snow Thursday for the 2001-2002 season.
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I heard about it a few hours too late to do anything, but kudos to Boyne for doing something so unexpected. Bozeman local Steve Hunts said around 250 riders showed up to party. How cool is that!?!
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I thought this was joke and that they must have just a few hundred feet open left over from the Winter.

Turns out they got a 3' dump and have 1500 vertical?!?

Hmmmm...those frequent flier miles are looking mighty tempting!
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There is a saying here in Montana...

If it snows on the 4th of July, it's the last snow of the old winter.

But if it snows on the 5th, THAT is the first snow of the next winter.

The storm downed trees all over Bozeman, supposedly over 14 in. fell in town, but was melting fast enought that only 7 accumulated.

Wet and heavy, that 14 in had 2.6" of water in it. Would have been 4-5 feet of cold smoke.

I didn't make it to Big Sky, touring in the Bridgers sounded far more inviting.

The Fairy Lake road had opened on 8 June so a tour of Mt Sacajawea seemed in order. Got to the lot at 9am, with only one other truck there. Maybe about a foot of new in the parking lot, but we could skin from the lot. When we crested the ridge, it was blowing at least 50mph solid. Our original plan was to ski The Great One, but snow was loading up alot and with old snow poking through, we weren't sure if the old snow was frozen solid or not.

Turned out it wasn't, the new snow had bonded nicely and was really nice. Not powder, but dried out and cold, it skiied well. The spots with old snow showing were nice corn. Definitely a great day! Skiied all the way back to the lot, the lower gully was fat, probably the best turns of the day. Only hit two rocks until i started skiing to the lot, where i hit a ton!

Pretty much made up for missing out on Beartooth this year!

Back to fly fishing and mt biking tomorrow though!

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The Wednesday storm was crazy in Bozeman. I was without hot water for a few days as the crawl space under my place flooded and the sump pump couldn't keep up. Many people were without electricity for a couple days. The good news is the snow was wet and heavy in the mountains and is staying around for a bit which will delay the fire season for a while. The bad news is the part of the state the really needed the moisture (the Northwest corner) didn't get much.

As for Big Sky, they opened a couple of long beginner runs. I talked to some people that went there and they had a blast making GS turns all day. In my book, the new ski season begins when the first issues of the ski magazines hit the stand in August so this snow can not be considered next season's snow.

RidgeHiker. My son is in town so we went and looked at the Beartooths yesterday. He had read about the ski camps they have up there and he wanted to see what was happening. Suffice to say, the Beartooths are lacking snow for this time of year. I only saw a few skiers and they were mainly practicing jumps.
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Ha! Here in LA, Ryan and I skied waist deep powder Yesterday!
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Quoted: *Ha! Here in LA, Ryan and I skied *waist deep powder Yesterday!

Yah, until you ran out of quarters?
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