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What about next winter?

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Just got off the phone with a friend over the pond in France. He wondered how the skiing was here in the mid and eastern US, since our warm temps are a big news topic over there. He said British scientists have predicted 2007 will be the warmest: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6228765.stm.

I'm just hoping they can get some resorts open for next weekend, but it's made me wonder about next season. One of the resorts here in central NY has even had preliminary talks about enclosing one of their shorter runs and refrigerating it.
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Which area is going Indoors

I live in W NY and we have not heard anything about a refrigerated, enclosed ski trail. Which area are you talking about?
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Meadowlands (Xanadu), NJ?
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2008? Not looking good

Long term forecasts can be found at the link below. However, you may not want to look.

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