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western wisconsin ANYONE?

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Is anyone here from western Wisconsin? or perhaps wisconsin in general?

BoB :
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There's a bunch of us from the SE, Madison and Milwaukee mostly. Quite a few from da U.P.

Oh, by the way, you may be aware of this bit of news as you're from WI. The bears still suck.

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Agreed! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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U.P. here, but when I raced in college, we hit LaCrosse every year. Great town, great hill. My wife grew up racing at Trollhaugen. Where in Western WI are you from?
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New Glarus is south west of Madison. Tyrol Basin is west in Mt Horeb. Where do you draw the line?
Our coach Dick Cates lives in Spring Green.

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I've always drawn the line at Stoughton.

Bad memories. What do you get when you combine LSD and lutefisk?

A free trip to Stoughton.
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I draw the line at Stoughton too.
Actually, my wife had a house there for awhile. I saw The Goose Island Ramblers("Oscars Cannonball" and "On the Beach at Waunakee") last concert there.
Good old "Cow Town USA"
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I'm from Eau Claire, which is a bit to the north, I usually ski at afton alps, welch village, christie mountain(yuk!) coffe mill, and frontenac. all of which are within 2 hours of my house.

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I'm not from Wisconsin at all but, when I lived in St Paul Minn. I used to ski at Afton, Welch, Frontenac. There was a nice little area on the Wisconsin side of the St Croix valley that had good night skiing and lighted xcountry trails as well. Apple Valley, or something like that. Best place I skiied out there was Lutsen, way, way up, on the North Shore.
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hey bob i am from eauclaire too. i grew up on the south side near oakwood hills. currently i am in the middle east and i would do anything to go to aften alps and or see some hills. nothing but desert here
hey ever hjear the old saying
when hell freezes over i'll ski there too.?

well i have news there is no hills here in hell... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Hey mitch,

I live on the south west side on hwy. 37, so probably about 5 miles from where you grew up. its already down to 28F here at night! looking forward to a hard winter(not to rub it in or anything)
What are you doing in the middle east? no snow, no hills, and like you said not much but sand.

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2" of snow on the ground in Hurley this morning.
Ran into one of the owners of Tyrol at the post office this morning. He said they'll start snowmaking next week at this rate.
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Bob - - I am from LaCrosse. Ski at Mt. LaCrosse every weekend and usually one night during the week. Eau Claire is only 80 miles. Let me know if you would like to come down some weekend. Shorter runs but significant challenge We take a trip to UT or CO every year. Sounds like UP Racer has been here too. Nice place but I'm a little partial.
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The places I skied out there in Minnesota and Wisconsin seemed awfully small to me and yet the enthusiasm for skiing was amazing. The race programs, unbelievable! I wish that, here in New Hampshire I had access to something like the program at Buck Hill.
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Hey all I grew up up in columbus, then moved to madison, tried my best to wear out the lifts at devils head, sometimes cascade near portage & a few other places I can't remember the names of, making laps at night on a student pass sure was a cheap way to go skiing, hart billy kidds, look n57 binders & I was first one in my group to have brakes, sure seems strange to me that there are more places in wisconsin to night ski than in colorado, I now live in sunny florida & take trips west to colorado & utah, but it was great to make the short drive from madison to devils head on a whim to go skiing, I saw a segment in a warren miller film about 2 brothers in wisconsin & the ramps they build to practice on, pretty cool.

cheers bteddy
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From Madison for the last 15 years, originally from Duluth. This cold weather gives me hope for Thanksgiving skiing but its likely just a tease. Two inches in Hurley? I think I've skied on that much at Whitecap!
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I think everyone would like a program like Buck Hill's. Half the women's USST started there. Check the USST site for the athletes that went to New Zeland. Koz, Kildow and Schleper are all Products of Eric Sailer.
Jeremy Nobis learned to ski at Devil's Head.
Brant Moles was on the Wilmot(WI)Jr Race Team.
Back in the days of Billy Kidd Harts we had Skyline(for sale now), Timberline and Wintergreen. All are gone now. Tyrol Basin wasn't very developed then but it was operating.
I talked to Jonathan Berry this morning. He said he told them to start making snow next week. Tyrol has been open at Thanksgiving more than it hasn't. I'll be up to Ski Brule for my annual Thanksgiving camp but I'll be around after that.
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I heard rhinelander got 4 inches or something like that! wow in september! All of of wisconsiners and eastern minnesotens should get together this winter for a day on the slopes.

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Over here in Madison it starting to get cold, 36 today.
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Originally posted by funkybob:
Is anyone here from western Wisconsin? or perhaps wisconsin in general?

BoB :
skied plenty of days at mile wide wilmot mt. don't miss those days/nites.
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20 degrees tonight!!! time for some snow!

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Grew up in Lodi

Grandparents, hockey, parent's work in Madison.

4th Generation UW grad.

Family farm still in Richaland Center.

I skied Cascade Mountain 30 plus times one winter, I went out to Jackson Hole with the Hoofers and never skied in the midwest again. Too anticlimatic.

I still get back to Buckyland 4 times a year.
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Lodi, home of Suzy the Duck
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Technically not from WI, but spent lots of time in Douglas County and still visit family and friends there frequently.

My first ski experience - 20 yrs ago at Telemark in Cable Wisconsin. Now closed I think, all 300' of it. So short, you didn't have to turn (not that I could). Totally trashed the rental skis, but thankfully not myself, end of the day when I got cocky.

Have daydreamed about winter vacation staying with family in Douglas Cty and sking with my kids at Whitecap (80 miles) or Spirit Mtn in Duluth (20 miles). Good places?
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Ah yes, Telemark. Voted one of the 10 best "party areas" by Ski Magazine in 1968. Usually first to open and last to close back then. They were famous for their Blue Ox Fest the end of March. They had the puddle at the bottom of Exhibition with the sun deck right there. There was the Rathskeller where the tables were beer kegs and seats were 1/4 barrels. People would be dancing on the tables in ski boots at midnight. I think it was 69, a Detroit ski club flew into the airport at the base of the hill in a DC-3. Lodging was pretty sparse so we used to sleep in our cars in the parking lot.
It was a sad day when that old Lodge burned down. 77 I think it was. The place was never the same again. I heard Billy Kidd, when he was there to dedicate the new lodge, said,"this is the only place where the lodge is higher than the hill".
One thing that killed it eventually was the American Birkabeiner. Our USSA Competition director said, when she was there for that, "to find someone you have to know their license number, they're all sleeping in their cars". The nordic types didn't spend the money like the alpine skiers. The new lodge was nice but never paid for itself.
My wife and I went up there on an RCI time share deal in about 90. They talked up the "ski hill" feature. We walked all over the old hill. The snowmaking was the same as 20 years before. They still had the triple rope(two transfer points from one rope to the next on the fly)that went up Christianna. The downhill area hadn't had anything done in many years.
Very sad. Lots of good memories.

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We upper midwesterners(U.P. WI, Mn, North Il.) should get together for a day this winter at a ski area(devisl head, cascade, rib, welch, lacrosse) what do you think?

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Houghton, MI here. Been pretty cold for september for almost everyone....and snowing off and on here. It's kinda supposed to be in the 50's next week, I don't want it to freeze yet, then the lake'll freeze over too early and the powder season will be hugely reduced . 2 from now is perfect
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Houghton eh?
I'll be up to see you Dec. 26th to the 28th.
That's about the best hill in the Midwest.(until they get Bohemia developed more)
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hey bob
i think that the temperature at night would put me into shock. it gets DOWN to 85 here at night. i am in the middle east because of war. i have to do my duty here. Then i get to come home...when... i have no clue and my superiors haven't a faint idea. 37...isn't that on the way to mondovi? oh well take care and think snow...
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Originally posted by Mitch:
hey bob
i think that the temperature at night would put me into shock. it gets DOWN to 85 here at night. i am in the middle east because of war. i have to do my duty here. Then i get to come home...when... i have no clue and my superiors haven't a faint idea. 37...isn't that on the way to mondovi? oh well take care and think snow...
Hey Mitch

Watch your back and be safe. We appreciate your efforts over there.
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