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Titus Mtn, NY ...anyone skied it?

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I was just playing around on Google Earth and noticed how close I am to Titus Mtn, NY. It is only 70 miles from my house and I have never even met anyone that has skied it. I checked their website, and I am not sure if the hill is even still open (latest pictures are from 2003). Is this place still open? What kind of hill is it? From the website, it looks like it is all old fashioned double and triple chairs, could be a fun retro day.
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It 's a great little mtn --1250 vert 3 peaks ALL INTERCONNECTED, i ski it 10 -12 times a yr . Nothing terribly challenging their blacks are blues but great fun none the less . iTS A FRIENDLY , INEXPENSIVE AND FUN PLACE

In normal yrs they are well groomed and take good care of it . I skied it twice over the holidays they had 16 trails open BUT thesr rAINS HAVE RAISED HELL TO THE POINT THEY ARE closed TODAY UNTIL THE 13TH
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Thanks for the input. From their website it looks like fun. I understand the snow issue, I live outside montreal and was golfing this morning. At least if I drive north about an hour there are some hills open.

The 1250 vertical is pretty good given how close it is to my house; I can't figure out why no-one I know has ever skied there. Is the hill relatively quiet normally, or are the lines really long because they are not using high speed lifts? Eeven if I do not get down there for a few weeks, it could be a fun new hill. I like to try as many different hills as possible, so this would be another new one for me.
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I learned to ski at Titus! It's a fun little hill with some variety, affordable everything, and vinegar for the french fries. I grew up about 15 minutes away... There aren't lift lines to speak of, and there certainly are no high speed lifts - it's a small, generally local hill.

I don't know if you live north or south of Malone, but if you're coming from Montreal, beware - it's a 70 mile drive, but a long, windy, slow 70 miles... If you're coming from other directions, the roads are probably better and you shouldn't have much trouble making good time.

Give Titus a try - it's a fun little place.
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HH ; A long lift line @Titus is 3 minutes
The normal mid week is like ZERO wait time
There are 2 lodges the Upper Mtn lodge has longer trails which are nice cruisers , the middle mtn is short and quick runs to the valley Lodge while "Backside" trails have a few short steep headwalls really fun if you like to let em run

Canadians are frequent Titus visitors > When you ski here its like a family no glitz -- all thrills no frills

give it a try maybe you see me and my ski buds there we'll be teh ones ripping by with large grins on our face

PS this whole reply is a massive lie Titus really rots wink wink
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Malone, NY is good people...
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ALL NNY IS GOOD people --that's what keeps "the Queen of The Hop "and me here
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Many memories

Malone, NY - AKA the Star of the North (at one time).

Up there, the Adirondacks are called the Great South Woods.

My own history...

CYO basketball - Franklin County League 1980 and 1982 (Champs).
CYO ski busses to Titus. Hell's kitchen...wahoo baby!!!

I agree. Stay away or at least, don't tell anyone.

Gotta get the kids up there.
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