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After a tennis accident earlier in the fall I had arthroscopy made on my right knee on the 18th of november. Here is the original thread:

Doctor told me I could not ski for 2 months and it looks like Im just about to manage to stick to his reccomendation since we are out of snow. The meniscular tear itself was minor the doctor told me but there was some sort of membran torn floating arround that he took out together with the bits and peaces of the menisk.

I have been walking every day, working out at the gym some, done some swimming, played tennis very carefully and done all the exersises my physioterapeut ordered. Everything looks fine but I can still not straighten my knee exactly as much as the other one. And bending is painful at the back. The MRI showed a Bakers cyst on the back of my knee joint and I was told the pain I was feeling back there was because of the cyst. The doctor told me it will go away of itself but I think its still there and causes pains when trying to sit down on my knees on a soft couch for instance. Accidental twisting of the leg also causes pains but Im avoiding all kind of twisting so I dont know for shure. After a workout I feel pain in my knee, mainly at the side were the meniscular tear was located but after I sleep on it its back to normal again.

When can I go skiing and do you reccomend some sort of support for the knee? Do you think my rehab sounds positive or negative?

Thanks on beforehand.