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what sucks about olympics.

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the worst part about the olympics in my view is the fact that if your canadian, your only gonna see events that canadians do well at and well i can't speak for americans or any other countries, but i think it goes the same way with their stations. I may cheer for Canada, but there is nothing I would of wanted to see more then Johnny Moseley do the dinner roll, which i didn't get to see because of the goddam tv schedule.

Even when they showed moguls on the news, i seen no moseley, i think no matter what channel, they should give an unbiased selection of the events to watch and report.

the dinner roll was a big advance in the sport, and i really wish i could see it, i still haven't seen it. And btw, did moseley do his 360 mute grab at the top kicker, or did he do his twister variation?
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I thought only American stations did that, I guess its unique to North America (among alpine nations). When I lived in Germany and we watched WC racing in various places as we traveled (racing) like France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and etc -- I remember that we sometimes whined about the exact opposite problem, that they were showing *every single* racer. Even the third stringers that everybody knew didn't have a chance. I remember that over there most avid skiers knew the names of most of the people on the U.S. Ski Team, whereas most avid U.S. skiers at most know the names Picabo Street and Johnny Mosely -- and certainly not the names of folks on the other teams (with a few exceptions now and then).
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kinch, moseley did a triple twister on the top (should've done the mute 360, but he was still way gutsy to do the dinner roll).

It is kind of odd that some of the best freestylers anywhere are Canadians, but that group wants nothing to do with the FIS robotic, twister/spread-eagle "freestyle" comps. Oh well, what can you do.
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I think every country does it. In GB we have to watch relatively poor performers failing to qualify for things rather than the finals of events with no British entries.

As I may have mentioned before, thank goodness for digital TV!
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Yeah, but Frances, at least we get to see the first 30 as well, and we get to see most, if not all of the sports, whether there are any Brits in them or not!

From what I've read of the global coverage, I think we are getting the best deal!

BBC - IMHO still the best in the world at sports.


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Amen Brother!
Very honourable mention to EuroSport though.
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Kinch, I was thinking the exact same thing! I ended up "watching" Moseley's run on RDI on a TV monitor that Brassard was standing in front of, while doing an interview.

Went to the web yesterday morning to see if there was a video clip. No go. But I did find THIS!

What is so cool about the animation is that I realised the Dinner Roll was a switch Misty Flip 700 in execution, but forward in momentum. I will be trying this thing out in trampoline class tonight.
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I watched Moseley's run twice on CBC. Must be a problem with the flatland feed.
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What sucks about the Olympics?

That drug use is so sophisticated that no-one gets caught.
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