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At the end of the 2003/2004 season, I purchased what I considered to be the best ski I had ever been on in my 37 years of enjoying the sport - the Volkl AX-3 (184 cm). This after demo'ing pretty much everything out there in the All-Mountain category. I am 6'3", 210 lbs., and ski 60/40 on-piste/ soft-to-medium bumps in the easy-to-medium blacks. At 45, my body no longer has the capability to handle the gnarly stuff.

While skiing last week at Sun Peaks, B.C., I noticed one of my skis "flapping" at the head and upon closer inspection, found the ski to be bent above the binding. I have no idea how it happened and took it back to the dealer where I purchased the skis. They checked with Volkl who, due to their one-year limited warranty, were not able/willing to repair or replace the ski. I love the AX-3 and have looked on Ebay and Craigslist to see if I could find a single replacement - no luck. So, yesterday I turned in my AX-3's to REI for a full refund and am now looking for a replacement to my dream ski. I am looking at the 2005/2006 Volkl AC-3 Unlimited (good price!) and the 2006/2007 AC-3 & AC-4 (not so good a price!). I am not "wed" to Volkl, but so thourghly enjoyed the AX-3's, I would like to ski "their replacement". Any thoughts out there on these three skis?

Should I be considering something else? I am somewhat limited in my choice as I have a credit at REI that I would like to use against the purchase of a new pair.

Thanks in advance for your comments.