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Yampa - Steamboat transfers.

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Hello all,
I will be at St/boat on 12 Feb for 7 days, ariving by rental car. I don't know how long it will take to drive from Aspen, (after 14 days skiing - lifes hell isn't it ), especially after photo stops, lunch and any other delays the wife can come up with, so I can not provide an arrival time.
Intend to drop off wife, luggage and ski gear (not actually in order of importance ) at the resort lodging and return rental to Yampa airport. Does anyone know if there is bus transport between airport and resort? Our lodging does not provide this service (as some others do). I'm fairly sure the free bus service between resort and downtown doed not extend to the airport. May need to taxi!!
Has anyone had similar experience or other alternatives?
Thanks in advance.
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The alpine taxi is the only service I'm familiar with. I'm not a steamboat local though, so there may very well be something else.
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Here's Storm Mountain Express mate!!!

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Alpine Taxi works great. They run a small army of shuttles to the resort every time a major flight arrives at Hayden. Call them and book a one way, it will run you about 30.00
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