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Rugged Rental - SLC Car Rental

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Just returned from the Park City area. Rented my car for the first time from Rugged Rental off site at the SLC airport. Their service was terrific. Called when I had my check luggage in hand, and they arrived at the second level within 10 minutes. Approximately 10 minutes to their off-site terminal. While I was verifying the reservation, the attendant loaded my luggage into the new 4 wheel drive Durango I reserved. When I returned the car the attendant loaded the luggage into their shuttle and I was gone with paperwork in hand in less than 5 minutes. Prices below the nationals, no additional charge for up to 5 drivers; no additional charge for 21 year old drivers; ski racks - no charge; and no surprises when I returned the car. Included mileage is 1400 per week. I should add that I picked up my car on December 23rd - quite a busy travel day, and returned it on January 3rd in the afternoon. Everybody was pleasant to deal with and they had a nice selection of 4wd vehicles; all SUV’s or trucks. Ruggedrental.com.
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Flaskier, ditto to your post. We did the same Dec 15th thru 22nd, and Rugged could not have done a better job. We reserved a Jeep prior to their winter price hike and paid <$300 for the week, while everyone else was >$500 for the week.
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I was there Jan 1 - Jan 7, I rented a standard class SUV from Avis and received a brand new 2007 Mercury Mountaineer (400 miles on it only) AWD, luxury package with leather etc. Came to $469US all in for the 7 days (1 week + 1 day and some hours) with insurance declined (covered by my car insurance here). Very fast drop off and pick up. I believe I got such a nice truck because I am an Avis preferred member (free through work). Was satisified with it although we only needed AWD once on the BCC road when it snowed a bunch on Thurs 1/4/2007 (sigh, a week ago, now I'm back at work). On a side note, it was pretty funny seeing some idiot in a jacked up Dodge Ram passing people down the BCC road in a storm only to end up in the ditch a few minute slater.
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I just reserved a Trailblazer (or similar) two hours ago from Alamo using rate code QVW for $412 (all tax incl) w/ unlim. mileage for the week of 2/20.

Rugged is currently not listing a price for a similar vehicle (says to call for a price). But a few days ago they were showing a similar vehicle for over $500. A puny Jeep Wrangler is listed as $445.

In addition, they're only open from 8am to 6pm. Extra charges apply to after hours pickup, etc. Maybe I'll call anyhow and see if they can beat the Alamo price, although I doubt they will beat it by enough to offset the convenience of in-terminal rental from Alamo (allegedly).
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