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Need help on purchasing twintips and bindings please!

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Guys I am 23 years old, 5'9 about 190lb. I ski excellent on blues and most blacks. I skied great with 170's this past trip and I think its time to buy a set. I know nothing about bindings so that is where I need the most help. I got really into the terrain park this past trip and think that is my 'calling' so to speak. I ski mainly groomed runs and like to ski fast and hard. But like I said I would like to concentrate on the terrain park aspect of the the sport. My question to you all is what twintips and bindings would you recommend to a skier of my level? I did some research and found that a lot of people liked the K2 Public Enemy. I am more interested in purchasing in the late spring and summer when I can get a great deal. Are there any sponsors of this site I can purchase from? I look forward to hearing all of your recommendations. I am open to everything! Thanks!
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The PE is not a great park ski based on what I've heard (from park skiers) but it is really good as an all mountain ski. Newschoolers.com is a site to investigate more about park skiing. The PE is relatively heavy and stiff compared to some skis that are more purely park oriented (Dynastar Troublemaker, Salomon 1080, a variety of Armada skis, Head Mojo 80, for a few references). I suspect that you will find that people fall into specific camps where bindings are concerned. From what I've read and heard, the Tyrolia Mojo 11 and 15 bindings are suitable for park and I see a lot of Rossignol/ Look bindings. The new Salomon bindings are getting some bad press for the toe pieces on the Z series, but I have the Z12 on my Dynastar Big Troubles and have really liked the low weight and have not had any problems with them (even with some very aggressive skiing). Hope this gets you started and bumps it up for someone with more knowledge of park skiing to help!
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Alberto thank you very much. I will definately look into those skis that you mentioned. As you mentioned also I like to ski the mountain so I need a ski that will perform well for me out on the mountain. Thanks for the help on the bindings.
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this is coming from a kinda of park skier that like just skiing more. The K2 PE is the best skiing midfat twin I have been on. stiff enough to flat out rail GS turns. Like a consumer GS race skis that just happens to have a twin tip on it. forgiving enough to ski bumps quickly and do short turns. Also ok in powder and will even blast though crud. I demod the 174 and the 179 and ended up with the 179. I cant wait to get them mounted. They were great in the terrain park but you will never be able to butter easily on them other than that they did everything.

I am 6 foot 170lb but ski very fast and know how to handle longer sticks, so the 179 for me was the way to go, for you go with the 174s and they will rock.

As for binding I got Look PX12ti Lifter binding. Alberto has some good suggestion on what to get. FYI the only bad press about the Z series from solly IMO is that its not a 912, which for years was the standard for cheap durable (upward toe)release resistant bindings.
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HUGE oversight - add the Volkl Karma to your list... an amazing ski and definitely worth considering for all mountain. My experience has been that the process of auditioning skis is really worth the time and effort (and saving $ on a ski that doesn't fit for you). D'oh - I can't believe that I didn't mention the Karma!!!
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Thanks a lot guys for helping out!
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