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Best Day Skiing Last Year

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Whatever best means to you: how you skied, where you skied, whatever....

Where were you?
What were the conditions?
Who were you skiing with?
Why does this day stand out?
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My best day skiing last year was the day our hockey team let the Canadians beat them for the Gold Medal. Big Sky reported 4-6 inches on the morning report but by the time we got there it was more like 6-8 and snowing hard. To make things even better the mountain had been getting snow on previous days so we weren't experiencing the legendary 'dust & crust' conditions that ruin many of the good snow days around here.

We skied out the bottom of the mountain then headed high skiing the Challenger chair but unfortunately not the tram (the Sunday line was way too long). As the day went on the snow kept accumulating and the moderate winds kept covering old tracks. The limited crowd disappeared after lunch and we went back to the lower chairs to find areas of deep, untracked powder on runs that were skied out earlier in the day. By moving around the mountain we had fresh tracks almost all day long.
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Day after 1' of snow and 20F.
Took my youngest son down his first Black Run
Great Snow, Great Views, Great Memories.
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Jay Peak, the Saturday before Palm Sunday
Conditions....biggest powder dump of the year that day...over two feet of snow by 2 PM
Had planned a day trip with 8 other guys
Why do I remember? Couldn't walk for two days afterward.
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See Powder's "Top 10 Days of 2002" article in the last issue- #10, March 24th, Jay Peak. I had torn up my knee in Jackson three weeks prior (MCL tweak/partial tear), and by all rights should have been chillin' in the Jacuzzi. But 100 inches in 5 days...Wasn't missing that one. Pow shots ALL DAY LONG, and even hucked a couple of 12-15 footers- just big enough to know that I shouldn't be going big at all. Sure, it probably set back my rehab a week or two- but worth it, worth it, worth it.
Is it snowing yet?
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Same day at Jay Peak, March 23/24 2002. The only turning needed in glades was to avoid trees getting in the way, snow took care of speed control.
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The beasts of the East have spoken!
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1st January 2002.....worked my arse off and did some amazing skiing all in one day...

Being a tour operator rep it was my job to drive people to the slopes at 8 am...followed by Going to GVA (Geneva Airport) to fetch some more...lunch time meet Phil at the Midi the Col Du Plan in Scary sketchy early season conditions...with no one else in the whole valley!....that evening go and get some more guests from GVA

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OK - our season is just finishing up...

Best day this season?

Falls Creek

2 Sundays ago - skiing SLUSH - avoiding rocks & bushes & jumping over about 15inches of snow grass to get to the lift.

In a 4 hour lesson(why oh why do I have 4 hour lessons in slush?) with my instructor

Day stands out due to 1 run... instructor insisted I lead him down a track we had been skiing - so I did & turned at lift line to look at him & see if I had 'done OK' - he had a huge grin on his face & said 'Where the f*** did that come from?' Seems I had just got my act together a heap better. Skied well & faster than expected.
Oh & for the record - start of the weekend he had decided I could lead him down that area NEXT SEASON....

Just thinking about the look on his face still makes me grin...
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The Gothics, late March, 47,000 vertical, bluebird day, snow like foamed cream, with the Alpha males.
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Well it wasn't the best day at the time, but it was the last day of our trip to Colorado last year -- went out to Beaver Creek for the day. The snow conditions were crappy, lines were long, and then my wife gets all pissed off at me -- as if it were MY fault she didn't like an easy bump trail followed by a long traverse (didn't look taht way on the map, I swear!).

What makes it the best day is that we have since divorced and now I realize it is the last day I'll ever have to ski with that b****!!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest
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